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Exposing Mobile Advertising's 'Dirty Little Secrets' In 2013

Posted by Howie Schwartz on January 23rd, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Mobile marketing took huge leaps forward in 2012 and everyone is projecting a blockbuster 2013.  There are a few 'dirty little secrets' in mobile advertising that need to be called out to move it from 1% of media budgets to where it belongs (10 - 15% if you ask us at Human Demand!).
Dirty Little Secret #1: Mobile is all family friendly and brand safe.
There are some 'bad neighborhoods' in mobile, especially in-app advertising.  Apps that have user generated content and / or social features mixed in can lead to some awkward ad placements.  Working with an ad partner who offers transparency and mobile site and app lists is the only way to combat this.  'Blind ads' that say it's going to be 'OK' should never be good enough.
Dirty Little Secret #2: Rich Media campaigns can be rushed by agencies and launch the same day.
Sorry, rich media (including expandable ads) need time for testing and compliance review with multiple exchange and publisher partners.  Rich media on mobile is awesome, but this space is not like the desktop with a few browsers that are well established - think about the fragmented device landscape on Android, various OS versions in iOS, multiple... Read more

The App Economy – Who Is Really Making Money

Posted by Howie Schwartz on June 23rd, 2011 at 11:26 am

It has been an interesting few months for APP Developers and marketers.  With Apple hitting 500,000 Apps and 10 billion downloads from its App store and Google racing towards 300,000 Apps and 3 billon downloads.  You would think that every developer with the word mobile in their resume is making a killing but as you will see below the big numbers and hype does not "make it rain" for all the players.
So who is really profiting from the App Economy?
1) Apple is making a killing.  Google still haven't figure out a consistent billing platform for paid Apps while Apple is profiting from the sale of every single paid App 24/7.  Apple is also in the money on every in-App purchase (Google is way beyond again when it comes to 'real cash' monetization). 
2) The mobile Ad networks and exchanges are profiting handsomely from App developers fighting for discovery in a crowed and hyper competitive landscape. 
3) The incentivized CPI (Cost Per Install) players were profiting wildly in the recent past.  Apple put the smack down on this incentivized model on their platform as it was manipulating their rankings.
4) The big developers and publishers keep getting bigger.  Gameloft, EA, to Angry Birds -... Read more