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Making Online Video Magic

Posted by Diane Anderson on April 11th, 2013 at 8:00 am

In this afternoon’s video session “Online Video: How Brands Find Audiences and How Customers Find Brands,” Traction CEO Adam Kleinberg moderated a panel aimed at helping attendees discover how online video can help engage customers, build brand loyalty and drive conversion. Panelists included Giant Media CEO David Segura, Photobucket’s marketing VP David Toner, Zoosk’s director of marketing Jane Barrett, and Poptent president Neil Perry.
Kleinberg kicked off the session by proudly showing a photo of his BBQ rig, which has gas and charcoal. Last year his kids bought him a smoker add-on so he could make brisket. Kleinberg was bummed that the manufacturer missed an opportunity to teach him how to make a great brisket with video.
Today, we can lean back while we lean forward. “Does anyone remember advertising before digital?” Kleinberg asked. “Advertising used to be about persuasion, motivation, and desire.” Kleinberg maintains that digital allows us to bring those things back online with video. The continuum between preroll and branded content is filled with lots of other opportunities—social, mobile, native, consumer-generated options.
Segura showed a chart showing the incredible explosion of online video ad spend. With more online video, online video ad opportunities abound. This year, online video traffic is... Read more

Inspiring Think Tanks from ad:tech San Francisco

Posted by Diane Anderson on April 10th, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Become a Customer Company CMO
Michael Lazerow, who sold his Buddy Media to Salesforce last year for $745 million, took the stage wearing a baseball hat and his signature glasses. He said that effective marketers need to use trends to focus on the customer.
His speech mentioned several revolutions that we each need to be aware of and on top of in order to achieve success. You need to be a master of touch, a master of social, master of local, master of identity, and a master of apps.
“Every company needs to know how to play in customer’s pocket,” said Lazerow. “That sounded bad, but it’s true. If you don’t exist on mobile, you’ll cease to exist.” And everything is moving to the cloud. It’s how we live. We live in the cloud, we expect everything to be there. Not just business stuff but your DVR and everything else. Move your company to the cloud, your employees are already living there. And again the warning: “If you don’t exist on the cloud, you will cease to exist.”
To be in the cloud and on mobile, you have to earn customer trust. You have to respect privacy, identity, and money. Take Bill Clinton, said... Read more

Ad:tech – Pick Your Partners Wisely

Posted by Diane Anderson on April 9th, 2013 at 3:48 pm

In today’s afternoon brand track “Choosing the Right Partners: Search, Social, and Metrics,” Kevin M. Ryan, Motivity Marketing CEO,  moderated a panel with both brands and agency folks: Rhonda Hanson serves as Concur’s Director of Global Digital Marketing; Lizzy Fallows is Timbuk2’s Digital Director; Doug Schumacher is Zuum Cofounder; and Dave Williams is BLiNQ CEO.
Figuring out your needs is job one. Fallows had done advertising herself and was very skeptical of agencies. She had to convince herself first that an agency was even needed. Then she had to convince her team that it was worth spending money on an agency. Some lessons are learned the hard way. Buyer beware: if a contract with an agency defines that the agency gets a percentage of spend, an agency might consistently recommend increasing spend. Fallows argued that it’s worth it to shop around and find the right agency because it benefits both to work together, know each other well, and enjoy a long-term relationship.
Hanson mentioned that her internal team wanted express their pain points. She is convinced that listening helped get buy-in to work with certain companies.
Williams advocated doing your due diligence: ask about funding, aims, business models, whether a company is pivoting,... Read more

More observations from ad:tech 2012

Posted by Diane Anderson on April 4th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

After last night's party circuit, attendees may have been tired but they still showed up for more banter about advertising.
This morning's opening keynote was "The New Power Brokers: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google." AKQA CEO Tom Bedecarre moderated the panel, comprising Fortune magazine's senior editor Adam Lashinsky, Andreessen Horowitz partner Margit Wennmachers,  c/net executive editor Molly Wood, and Virgin Amercia marketing VP Luanne Calvert.
Bedecarre joked that his advice to any new startup: stick to the first seven letters of the alphabet when naming your company.
To start, Bedecarre introduced each panelist by talking about each of the four power brokers. Lashinsky, author of Inside Apple, reiterated Apple's position as the valuable company and pointed to iTunes as the turning point for the company. Wood, wearing a bright Facebook blue blouse, lauded that the social network is now a cultural touchstone. (But, as a Mac enthusiast, she couldn't help but observe that today you are as cool as the number of Apple devices in your home.) Wennmachers pointed out that Amazon is hardware, software, and content and Calvert championed Google.
The conversation focused on what made these four players so powerful, where their vulnerabilities lie, and which companies might similarly rise to power.... Read more

Observations from ad:tech San Francisco 2012

Posted by Diane Anderson on April 3rd, 2012 at 12:19 pm

The ad:tech San Francisco 2012 conference kicked off with a special surprise guest. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee showed up at the conference and gave the opening welcome remarks to get the party started at Moscone West this morning! He wants to work to make San Francisco better through innovation!
Immediate after the mayor left the podium, Lisa Utzschneider, VP of global advertising sales at Amazon, took the stage to give the first keynote. Her theme? "It's Day 1 for advertising," which was an echo of Jeff Bezos's famous 1997 declaration that "It's Day 1 for the Internet." She shared the legacy story of how Bezos started Amazon while analyzing data and crunching numbers. After looking at the growth of the Internet and deciding books would make for a good foray into the online frontier, he quit his Wall Street job and started the company we all know and love as Amazon.
Utzschneider talked about the importance of the consumer and personalization, which are the backbone of Amazon’s success. Amazon is relatively new to the advertising game itself. When the e-commerce giant started running ads about 6 years ago, they only introduced five static ads, all of which were below the fold.
But... Read more