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What has happened to Relationships?

Posted by Dean Vegliante on November 30th, 2010 at 10:24 pm

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Are the efficiencies in the digital marketplace killing relationships? 
With all great products and services, there is always a human element.
Can a focus on efficiency still motivate publishers to produce quality content?
Personal relationships are still crucial to business in the digital marketplace.

A few months back at a conference, I heard something that was extremely relevant to an ongoing fear I have in respect to good old fashion business principles; “While efficiency is important, it’s not the only indicator for success, and sometimes, there are downsides to efficiency.  As an example, McDonald’s makes hamburgers more efficiently than anyone on the planet, but if you eat too many of them, they will kill you.”  
Are the efficiencies in the digital marketplace killing relationships?  Having spent the last 12 years in digital, my core focus was -- and still is -- around relationships. Whether it is building businesses, selling, deal making, networking or providing referrals to help  fill  roles for myself or friends in the industry, it all comes down to the relationships we build and maintain. 
What happened to face to face meetings, handshakes, professional entertaining and picking up the phone? Does the person ultimately writing the big media checks still get to call... Read more