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Why LA is the new Silicon Valley

Posted by David Zaleski on November 21st, 2014 at 1:27 pm

When people think of LA, they think Hollywood. Los Angeles is world-renowned for having a creative hub unlike anywhere else in the world. Artists flock here in droves and for good reason: We have a creative infrastructure like none other. People also think of LA and think of palm trees, beaches, sunshine, and -- of course -- traffic.
It's not often that this city is perceived at as a technological pioneer. However, it turns out that tech in LA is an under-reported powerhouse that rivals that of any other mainstream innovative city. The tech industry is almost as large as the creative world that Los Angeles is broadly known for. There are more PHDs in this city than anywhere else in the country. Three universities (USC, UCLA, and Caltech) account for a vast amount of the technological education that changes the world. It begs the question: If LA is such a tech giant, why is it not perceived that way?
The answer, ironically, lies in storytelling. For a city that is an expert in crafting narratives and character, it's been difficult for it to find a PR angle to deliver a consumable story about its tech world. Unlike San Francisco and Silicon... Read more

Why did NewCo change its name?

Posted by David Zaleski on November 21st, 2014 at 1:21 pm

You might remember last year that OpenCo was the hottest event in many major cities -- especially for marketers. It's a tremendous experience in which companies grant the public a first-hand look into the underbelly of their brand cultures and operations. This year we learned that OpenCo was returning as NewCo, prompting many people to ask: Why the re-branding?
It turns out that this name change is less of a traditional re-branding and more of a re-alignment toward the organization's core mission. The idea behind  the initial OpenCo name, according to co-founder and chair John Battelle, was that it reflected the spirit of the experience in a literal way. Companies opened their doors and  let people inside some of the world's hottest businesses.
Since its launch, OpenCo has grown up, and while the core essence of the event is still as strong as ever, it now requires a less on-the-nose title to represent what it truly offers. The name was changed to represent how extensive, groundbreaking, and unique the companies changing the world truly are. NewCo also represents a double entendre, as many new companies that don't have formal names often call themselves "NewCos" as placeholders. Overall, this name change better represents... Read more

Photos from the iMedia Commerce Summit

Posted by David Zaleski on June 24th, 2014 at 10:48 am

iMedia kicked off it's first ever Commerce Summit on Monday to a huge crowd of brands, agencies, tech companies, and shopper marketers who have all come to answer one question: What is the future of shopping? The cocktail reception and dinner was sponsored by inMarket, a leader in shopper marketing platforms and technology, which provided a vast array of gourmet food and dessert to a collection of senior-level attendees against the beautiful Utah landscape.
Here are just some of the sights from the kick-off day to the iMedia Commerce Summit: the future of shopping.

Why U.S. marketers can't ignore Canada

Posted by David Zaleski on April 8th, 2014 at 10:18 am

One thing became clear at the iMedia Canada Summit: American marketers need to start looking north for big opportunities. eMarketer's Geoff Ramsey sat down with iMedia and gave us an exclusive interview on why the Canadian-U.S. marketing relationship will be so vital for the future, and why the iMedia audience is the perfect fit for exploring the potential.
Click here for full coverage of the iMedia Canada Summit.
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Video: Exclusive interview with Chris Cox of The Hershey Company

Posted by David Zaleski on March 4th, 2014 at 9:54 am

At the iMedia Content Summit in Huntington Beach, California, Chris Cox from The Hershey Company shared his insights on the keys to a powerful content strategy. Here's what the Content Summit keynote speaker had to say about the event.