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5 Most Liked Advertisers on Facebook (and How They Did It)

Posted by David Tokheim on August 29th, 2012 at 1:44 pm

When General Motors announced it was no longer buying ads on Facebook back in May 2012, it didn’t pull out of Facebookentirely. It still maintains a number of pages for its various brands with hundreds of thousands of “likes” each: its GM page: 403,000 likes; Chevrolet: 1.3 million likes; GMC Trucks: 703,000 likes; Corvette: 969,000 likes; and the Chevy Volt with 188,000 likes. Meanwhile, Facebook has GM back at the negotiating table, promising to give it and all its advertisers more data on how their ads turn into revenue.
The Ford Motor Company, meanwhile, has continued advertising on Facebook despite GM’s departure. How has that affected its likability? The Ford Motor Co Facebook page has 1.6 million likes (300,000 more than Chevy’s); Ford Trucks 651,000 likes (52,000 fewer than GMC); Ford Mustang 4.2million likes (3.3 million more than Corvette); Ford Fusion Hybrid: 175,000 likes (13,000 fewer than the Volt).
So, do ad dollars translate into likes? The answer is "sometimes." WhileFord's flagship page has 20 percent more likes than its Chevrolet counterpart, GMC Trucks and the Chevy Volt still out-perform their Ford rivals. And yet themost eye-popping difference is the Ford Mustang absolutely crushing theCorvette in the Facebook Likes war.
So if ad dollars isn't always the answer, how do some of these mega-liked Facebook advertisers... Read more