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Zach Galifianakis Jumps The Fern With President Barack Obama

Posted by David Murdico on March 11th, 2014 at 3:58 pm

I used to love Between Two Ferns... and always looked forward to new episodes... until today. If you haven't seen it yet, Zach Galifianakis interviews President Barack Obama.
Actually, I'm conflicted, because I love comedy, I write comedy and I run an online video and social media marketing agency, so I should love the idea that a web series is featuring the President of The United States.
I should also love that they're doing it for marketing purposes, because that's exactly what I do... make funny videos for brands, businesses and startups for marketing purposes.
What I don't like about the video, is that the President is blatantly schilling the Affordable Health Care Act / (yeah, I'll give it a plug) , and they're blatantly calling attention to the fact that the President is blatantly schilling, as part of the gag, as if that would somehow make it more watchable... like everyone is in on the joke.
Throw in a joke about Kenya and the President's birth certificate, to make Zach seem confrontational and legit, make the President appear to have a great sense of humor about it, give the President a few scathing lines to throw back  at Zach and everyone will watch... Read more

Social Media Isn’t Magic – It Takes Planning and Hard Work

Posted by David Murdico on February 8th, 2014 at 1:26 am

Whether you’re a brand promoting products or services, a business trying to increase awareness of and interest in what you’re selling, or a startup clamoring for attention, you’ll need to be involved on some level with social media.
Here’s the bad news. It isn’t magic. You don’t flick a switch and turn it on and off. That’s advertising.
Social media has the potential to far outweigh the power of ads but effective social media marketing takes planning and hard work. Plain and simple.
Good old fashioned ground and pound, elbow grease, put your back into it hard work.
You have to be smart about your planning, tactics and strategies, but too many marketing professionals believe that social media is this supernatural, set-it-and-forget-it miraculous wonder that happens when you post updates on Facebook and Twitter.
Posting updates is only the 1st step. Well, actually it’s the 10th step, after:

establishing your social media goals
setting short and long term objectives or milestones
planning your strategy, tactics and approach
defining your audience
developing your online voice
determining which types of content your audience will be interested in, respond to and share
creating the content (video production, graphics, photos, infographics, memes)
deciding if there will be a paid promotional component
writing and scheduling the updates and corresponding content
Posting... Read more

Is Native Advertising Destroying The Ad Industry?

Posted by David Murdico on November 13th, 2013 at 11:31 am

Native Advertising is hot! Brand executives, creative agencies and publishers are running around from meeting to meeting frantically asking questions like "How do I get some? How do you use it? and What is it?"
The smartest brands and agencies are already using native advertising with exceptional results, but is it sustainable? Are we burning through a previously untapped resource that can't last? Will this sharp turn in advertising methodology destroy the ad industry as we know it?
Native advertising, which involves colorfully dressed natives from places like New Guinea, Peru and even as far off as Gilligan's Island writing, producing and placing ads, is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons.
The first and foremost reason is cost.
According to advertising expert Jonas Grumby, "with the advent of computers on the internet, natives are going toe to toe with, and even beating out, the big agencies. They bring a different perspective and a new voice to advertising. I think it's great."
No doubt Native Advertising is great, but at what cost? How can the existing ad industry compete? And  are the natives themselves, often working for as little as 7 coconuts a day, actually being exploited in the process?
When you... Read more

Are Texts and Emails During Creative Meetings OK?

Posted by David Murdico on November 8th, 2013 at 10:17 am

Your creative team is assembled and you’re ready to brainstorm that big new campaign direction. A guy at the table giggles. You think he has a good a idea. He doesn’t. He just got a funny text from his buddy.
OK, moving on. Someone blurts out a current event they just saw on Twitter while two others act focused on the meeting, but keep darting their eyes at their laptops every time no one is asking them a direct question.
Somebody types something. Is she taking notes? Sending an email? Live chit chatting on the Facebook?
Sound familiar? Are you that person?
Shut it all down. Turn it all off.
I know, I know... but you’re multitasking. BS... you’re distracted. Your attention is fragmented and your team is only getting a percentage of the focus they should be getting from you.
The one thing I’ve found most beneficial for conceptualizing new PR, social media, video and digital creative strategies for the brands and startups we work with is to shut everything down -  computers, iphones, iPads, Androids and everything else digital - and free our minds.
Coming up with an effective digital creative strategy is effectively problem solving. You’re starting with a goal and working backwards through... Read more

Why Funny Edgy Offensive Videos Work

Posted by David Murdico on October 11th, 2013 at 9:54 am

Our society has become way too concerned with being "offensive" and being "offended." It's the passive aggressive buzzword of the decade, and propelled by social media, has had an impact on how far brands and startups are willing to go with funny, edgy content.
Creating fun, shareable content involves walking through a maze of race, gender, sexual identity land mines, with bloggers, everyone with a voice on social media and the mainstream media, all looking for their slice of the attention and with varying agendas.
In this video my agency recently produced for, we run the risk of offending people on a few different levels. See how many you can count. I know some of you will comment "people who are offended by shitty videos." There. Beat you to it.
Brands and startups trend towards be risk aversion when it comes to pushing out videos that are funny, edgy and bordering on offensive, but that’s often where the attention goes. They know this, but at the same time don't want to chance alienating consumers, losing business or getting fired.
The flip side is that you create a video that offends some, turns heads, gets media attention (good and bad) and builds awareness of... Read more