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Online Video and Mobile Access: Changing the Way We View and Value Content

Posted by Dan Roche on February 19th, 2014 at 10:43 am

Do you remember instances when your parents would refer to the technology, or the lack of, when they were growing up? You couldn’t imagine operating in a time without color television, computers or mobile phones.
Now, I’m in my parents’ shoes with my own children. Floppy disks and life without smartphones and tablets will never occur to them. After all, a friend of mine recently told me his daughter tried to swipe the television screen with her fingers to change channels.
It’s no secret that the way we digest content has evolved, and the growth of online video and mobile access to it are major contributors to this shift. The screen of choice changes with each device introduction. The “second screen,” of tablets and smartphones, is becoming the “first screen,” surpassing the television.
So what is causing the shift to tablet and smartphone viewing over television? While our parents may have been obsessed with bigger and bigger televisions, today it’s no longer about screen size. The online video and mobile shift can partially be explained by the following:
Convenience – While this may be a no-brainer, it is still one of the major factors contributing to mobile viewing. Smartphones and cloud-based video services... Read more

LinkedIn Listened: Contacts and Visual Profile Establish Order

Posted by Dan Roche on May 6th, 2013 at 10:04 am

It is possible LinkedIn may have taken my advice. In a previous blog post of mine, “Is Linkedin Turning Into MySpace?, I said LinkedIn needed to give itself a makeover, to establish order and institute more credibility. In my opinion, LinkedIn resembled MySpace’s disjointed and overpopulated site design.
Now, it looks like LinkedIn is trying to change this perception with LinkedIn Contacts and the recently released visual profile.
LinkedIn Contacts
The new LinkedIn Contacts app creates interesting new options for its users, with a more integrated and richly developed version of the original LinkedIn. As I mentioned previously, over the past few years, the average users’ account has gotten muddled with acquaintances and people they barely know. This add-on app allows the ‘power’ user to focus more on the real details of the people they know well and/or want to focus on. I liken it in many ways to the dashboard function of a CRM. The integration of the app with Outlook, Google, Yahoo and others means that people have access to a cross reference of information, can create calendar reminders and focus more on making quality contact. Also, because this is a separate application, LinkedIn Contacts offers additional functionality without further cluttering... Read more

Is Linkedin Turning Into MySpace?

Posted by Dan Roche on February 21st, 2013 at 7:43 am

LinkedIn now has more than 200 million members, and with nearly two new users signing up every second, the site has certainly established itself as a leading social media networking channel. However, each time I access my LinkedIn account, it feels more and more like MySpace, disjointed and overpopulated with information and feeds, and less and less like a trusted source for professional networking communication.
LinkedIn seems to be having some type of identity crisis. Upon logging into my account, the page is flooded with news stories “recommended” by LinkedIn Today, a feed of updates from my connections and notifications of endorsements by people who probably don’t even know me well enough to offer such a recommendation.
In addition, there are sections for the following:

People I May Know (listed twice)
Who’s Viewed Your Profile
Your LinkedIn Network
Jobs I May Be Interested In
Groups I May Like
Companies You May Want To Follow
Ads by LinkedIn Members (listed twice)

Plus, if you’ve already joined a group(s) and haven’t unchecked the feature allowing member messages to be emailed to you, your inbox will be inundated with comments and discussions (many irrelevant).
What steps should LinkedIn take to give itself a makeover? Here are the top three ways LinkedIn can promote itself... Read more

Don't Leave a Message

Posted by Dan Roche on January 16th, 2013 at 9:48 am

When was the last time you purchased an answering machine? I bet you can’t remember. I certainly can’t. Do you even know how much they cost these days? I actually had to Google to see that I could obtain one of these basic devices for six or seven dollars.
Not only have I not purchased an answering machine, or voicemail service, but I rarely even leave voicemail messages. It seems I’m not the only one. According to Internet phone company, Vonage, the number of voicemail messages has dropped eight percent (comparing figures from July 2011 versus July 2012). So, what is happening to voicemails?
People just aren’t leaving voicemails, and even fewer people are checking them. Vonage also found that voicemail retrieval dropped 14% (July 2011 versus July 2012).
Texting, emailing and instant messaging are quickly replacing voice calls and messages. Phone calls and the subsequent voicemails are seen as interruptions and are often met with annoyance and apathy. Written messages, on the other hand, are viewed as less invasive. For me, I can respond to a text message or email with a quick, short response, but returning a voicemail always involves more time. Also, by providing written responses, I can clearly outline... Read more

Back-to-School, Halloween…Christmas: I miss Thanksgiving

Posted by Dan Roche on November 15th, 2012 at 12:47 pm

It’s become the standard, yearly routine. Summer ends, children go back to school and we buy costumes and carve pumpkins for Halloween. Then it’s on to Christmas, decorating the tree and lots of holiday shopping. But wait – What happened to Thanksgiving?
It seems like any Thanksgiving celebration is now overshadowed by radio stations beginning to play Christmas carols months in advance, Starbucks introducing red holiday cups on November 1 and stores decking the halls in October. And, if Black Friday wasn’t enough of a shopper’s paradise, the biggest shopping day of the year has been extended beyond just Cyber Monday and now includes deals and steals on Thanksgiving Day! Are people really enjoying the holidays anymore or are they already moving on to the next celebration? Do consumers want to forgo their Thanksgiving holiday to shop?
Many retailers seem to think (and hope) so. Stores that extended their hours last year saw an average increase in sales of 22 percent, according to chief retail analyst at NPD Group, Marshal Cohen. Therefore, Walmart, Sears and Toys “R” Us are all opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day at 8:00 p.m. to capture extra holiday sales, and Target will be opening at 9:00 p.m.
Personally... Read more