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The NEWS in Virtual Reality – Will it affect us emotionally?

Posted by Clyde Desouza on November 8th, 2015 at 11:35 pm

It takes spirit to get things moving, and there is no doubt about it, that when it comes to bringing a dream alive, the risk takers, those with true entrepreneurial and innovation spirit running in them - where ROI isn't the sole motivation... those people and organizations are sadly, located thousands of miles from where I am.
Reading about NYTVR, is nothing short of euphoric. They are bringing the world - the real world- closer to all of us through Virtual Reality.

But, the NEWS in Virtual Reality, will it affect us emotionally?
If there’s any doubt about the psychological impact that a 3D VR scene is capable of on people’s minds, look no further than the military. Why does the military spend millions on state of the art Stereoscopic 3D visualization and display systems? The answer is simple – A Simulation of a real life scenario is the next best thing to actually being there.
CAREN, is a system built to help soldiers deal with PTSD, and other associated mental and psychological battle scars, as is the BraveMind system.
Unless you’ve been living in the real world too long, you will have heard of the Virtual Reality renaissance, courtesy of corporations such as Facebook and their $2billion acquisition of Oculus,... Read more

On taking the Graphic Novel format into Virtual Reality (A Brand Entertainment Perspective)

Posted by Clyde Desouza on September 19th, 2015 at 11:10 pm

Virtual Reality has the power to engage audience on never seen before scales. People are hooked to 3 to 4 minute long "VR experiences" where as commonly eyeballs are desensitized to online adverts and youtube ads are skipped in 4 seconds... discover how VR can contribute to Branded Entertainment through one such innovation - India's First Cinematic VR film.

6 reasons AD agencies need to understand 3D movies…

Posted by Clyde Desouza on August 14th, 2010 at 1:58 pm

Are Ad Agencies 3D enabled?
At many of the seminars, I usually start off with topics that are of generic interest to everyone, when it comes to the "3D Revolution Revival". One favorite topic goes like this..." Don't AD Agency execs go to the movies? ...if the do they must surely have noticed 200 pairs of 'captive eyeballs' sitting in their seats, 3D glasses on the ready... and the ADs all play in... Glorious 2D!"
What a waste of the 3rd dimension! The Ad world seems to have missed this boat. While they were busy getting fascinated and "abusing" Augmented Reality, they seem to be missing out on the next great revolution in visual communication: Stereoscopic 3D!
There is now a desperate scramble to create 3D ads, after all there are captive eyeballs just begging to be entertained and immersed in all the 3D around. Unfortunately the execs in AD agencies have not taken a 101 on stereoscopic 3D yet, so do not know if an AD will do harm, or be counterproductive or hit the right spot everytime.
A Quick 101 for AD agencies on Stereoscopic 3D:
In a recent Advert that I came across on Youtube here (in 3D) there were some issues... Read more

4 ways Pepsi could have used Social Media advertising at the Super Bowl

Posted by Clyde Desouza on January 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

SuperBowl miniature screens for Social media advertising
Social Media Temptation:
The Super Bowl according to accepted belief, is the second largest food consumption day in the USA after Thanksgiving day. So when a major advertiser decides to not splash out on advertising during this acknowledged "National Holiday", it would set the entire advertising and media spheres abuzz! This is exactly what has happened on every major discussion forum, even on large online business social networks such as LinkediN.
How Pepsi could have used Social Media at the SuperBowl:
What if Pepsi were to have installed a temporary Wifi Network at the Stadium itself. A private stadium wide network, where access was free but via a Pepsi branded landing page or gateway page. The connection to the outside internet would also be there, but could be regulated to reach only popular Social Networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. This choice would be completely at Pepsi's discretion.
Here's how it could have been implemented and 4 advantages:

- Pepsi would have instantly brought Social Media advertising, into the Real World and on-ground, right at the Super Bowl
- Thousands of Blackberry, Iphones and Smartphones would have been converted into miniature SuperBowl Screens, if Pepsi was streaming a live feed to... Read more

7 reasons you don't need to justify ROI for Social Media Advertising

Posted by Clyde Desouza on January 11th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Traditional Media Advertising is out; Social media platforms are in:
If you are one of those in Media and Advertising, having a rough day at the morning breakfast brainstorming sessions in your corporate boardroom or agency "creative den", trying to convince the "suits" that they need to undo past thinking and, and make way for the revolution in how advertising and marketing will be done (pause for breath)… then take heart!
Here are 7 reasons to give them something to think about, when your asked that well rehearsed question: "What about ROI? how do we measure and justify ROI on this new fangled social media advertising thing".
1) ROI becomes a need for justification when spending on Billboards, TV and Print than when signing up a Twitter account or starting a FB page. The investment for this is already part of the salary for one of the junior staff.

2) Does every penny have to count? When budgeting for traditional media, there is always unaccounted funds allocated as "misc". The entire exercise of starting a social media campaign is LESS than the misc expenses.
3) ROI needed to be shown on traditional media, because of the amounts involved in creating it and the additional amounts needed... Read more