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Agency transformation through social integration

Posted by Chris Tuff on February 27th, 2012 at 6:53 pm

When I walk into the agency every morning, I go straight to where our social department sits. Each day, I look around and think, “Damn we’ve got a good crew.” Two and a half years ago, the department consisted of just me, and now we’re a group of 8 diverse strategists and community managers that can tackle any social media solution—not to mention, become iMedia’s 2011 Best Agency for Social Media.
The actual responsibilities of a social media department vary from agency to agency, but when that department becomes an integrated part of the internal agency structure, the benefits will be felt across all departments. So why should a social media department be more integrated?
CHANGE: Given the inherent need to innovate quickly, agencies need to adapt just as fast. With Facebook’s “fail fast” mentality, there are no guarantees about what will stick and what will fall to the wayside. In addition to platform changes, there are user changes with new sites and habits, and naturally, it becomes difficult for any agency to stay 100% on top of all emerging trends and changes. A social department that is linked into insider knowledge of these rapid and frequent changes and social trends provides... Read more