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The economy is busted….Is branded display a bust as well?

Posted by Brian Fitzgerald on September 30th, 2008 at 12:00 am

POP!  Did another bubble just pop?  The last time we saw an equity market meltdown, online ad spending dried up.  Brands ran for their TV sets, magazines and radios.  Are we heading for $.05 CPMs and the resurrgence of CPA marketing?  Will brands run for the analog hills? 
My ego, my hubris, hell my desire to pay the mortgage all mandate that I say "Never...branded display is here to stay."    But on quiet introspection and deliberation, I really whole-heartedly belive it.    Corporate America and Madison Avenue were slow to rebound following "The Great Meltdown of 2002-2003," but after years of measured experimentation, countless studies and billions spent, we have proven that digital advertising is here to stay.  But more importantly, we have proven that branded display advertising works. 
In hard economic times, companies look to tighten belts and push for the ROI in the spend.  So naturally, CPC and even CPA/affiliate marketing may see a bit of a resurrgence.  BUT, not at the expense of branded display.  There won't be a pure performance focused re-entrechment.  It is the offline mediums that will pay the biggest price in this economic slowdown.  Brands will not change their spots.  They want to see their ads.  They want to see them... Read more