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Why Optimizing for Users Is the New SEO

Posted by Brian Easter on January 3rd, 2013 at 2:01 pm

We’ve all heard the cries of the death of SEO ad nauseam. Every time there’s an algorithm update, the world of SEO has a collective conniption fit, blaming Google for the consequences of their short-sighted approach to marketing. And, as usual, despite the doomsayers’ proclamation, our chosen art form continues to thrive.
What SEO has done is continue to evolve. Just as search engines must adapt to a bigger Internet and a smarter audience, so must SEO continue to adapt to serve its purpose or connect users with the information they seek. And now that search engines are getting better at deciphering the semantics of human language, its time for SEO to take a more human-centered approach. We must embrace these times and learn how to reach our audience where they are on their terms.
The Evolution of the Art
Though SEO is an evolving practice, there are many principles and best practices that will always remain the same. Selecting appropriate keywords, optimizing on-page content and meta tags and building a site that can be easily crawled by search engines is still a prerequisite for organic success. What has changed is the way SEOs should approach their off-page strategy.
SEOs can no longer be... Read more

Why Big Brands Need to Seriously Consider Google Analytics Premium

Posted by Brian Easter on September 29th, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Google has just released Google Analytics Premium, positioning it as a marketing analytics platform best suited to big brands and large enterprises. What does this product mean for a typical CIO or CMO?
Overall, the benefits of Google Analytics Premium are especially relevant to enterprise level organizations that may have balked at leveraging Google Analytics Standard Edition. In the past, these firms may have put off using Google Analytics Standard because of:

Data limits. For organizations with hundreds of millions of hits per month, Google Analytics Standard Edition’s 10 million hit limit was restricting.
Lack of service level agreements. No matter how robust a platform may be, enterprise organizations are held to some of the highest up-time and technical standards. Since Google Analytics Standard Edition does not have an SLA, it would not be considered.
Support issues. While Google is one of the biggest, baddest brands out there, that does not mean anything to a marketer who uses analytics to manage and track millions of marketing dollars in real time. When that level of investment is at stake, anything less than 24/7/365 support is unacceptable.
Brand perception. One of Google Analytics Standard’s benefits is that it is free. But a free product can make cautious... Read more

Why Google +1 Doesn't Add Up for Search

Posted by Brian Easter on June 1st, 2011 at 1:58 pm

Google +1 is here and ready for you to push its button. The colorful addition to the Google family is the latest experiment in the eternal quest for higher relevance. Google knows who we are (whether through Gmail, profiles, searches, etc.). Now they want to know what we are. What intrigues us, what inspires us, but most of all what we like and would recommend for friends. Google wants all this to bring you search results socially tailored to your likings. The search giant is in a continual standoff with Facebook, who has long been an instrumental player in social search.  Without Facebook’s information to inform social search, Google is pushing instead for us to start +1ing sites as a way of saying “This is pretty cool.”
Back in January, Google restated to the world their goal of bringing a high degree of relevancy to their search results. They are focused on branding and want to be able to produce searches that are even more convenient and helpful for a huge population of users. Google +1 is yet another attempt to stamp out mechanical, inappropriate, or black hat tactics that are sublimated into standard SEO strategy. But with Google’s Farmer/Panda changes,... Read more

Visions of Holiday Conversions Dancing in Your Head?

Posted by Brian Easter on November 24th, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Are you in the holiday spirit? Well, your customers sure are. An estimated $27 billion was spent on holiday online shopping in 2009, a 5% increase from a disappointing 2008 holiday season, and the 2010 season predictions are looking oh so jolly. The only problem lies in directing those click happy buyers to your website. Have visions of conversions dancing in your head? Find out how you can make the most of your PPC campaigns this holiday season.
Start Early
Have you ever found yourself frantically trying to elbow your way through a department store shopping frenzy, just to get that last minute gift for Dad? Likewise, waiting until the last minute to start your holiday PPC campaigns can prove to be exhausting and often, futile. An estimated 73% of adults started their holiday shopping before Halloween, and by this time 51% have already made their first purchases. If you haven’t started running holiday campaigns yet, you may have already missed out on 50% of your potential customers.
Don’t give up hope yet: according to a Google survey, 76% of holiday shoppers have yet to complete their holiday shopping. Determining when consumers will start holiday shopping and making sure you are there... Read more

Neuromarketing: The God Complex

Posted by Brian Easter on October 22nd, 2010 at 7:52 pm

How neuromarketing can help meet the evolving needs of interactive marketing.