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Dispatch from the ad:tech main floor: TLV Media’s Merav Chen

Posted by Bill Brazell on November 8th, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Flying in from Israel on a flight that was delayed seven hours, working late into the night to set up her ad:tech booth, TLV Media VP of Marketing Merav Chen hoped the trip would be worth it.
“We were worried, coming here, that the storm would prevent people from coming,” she said Thursday. “But that has not been the case. In terms of the business that can come out of it, this looks like one of our best shows.”
Most ad networks optimize display ads manually, Chen explained, but TLV Media does it automatically, using multiple algorithms to maximize conversions across a number of variables. The company places 20 billion impressions a month across 6,000 publishers; at any given moment there are 15,000 campaigns running on the platform.
It’s what they do with those impressions that makes the company stand out, Chen says. “We look at all campaigns running — everywhere on the web, not just within our network — to see what’s working best at which time of day, on which site, in which regions. We do that all the time, so that when we prepare to run a new campaign, we have that dynamic data on hand.”
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