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Building business leads in digital space

Posted by Barbara Fowler on January 17th, 2013 at 1:58 pm

The marketing world has changed exponentially in the past five years. Creating and converting leads in digital space requires business owners to make a mindset shift and begin to understand that consumers habits and motivations for searching, purchasing, or even filling out a form are different. It’s a fast-moving industry with new digital products and platforms being invented every week, and it can be overwhelming to many business owners. However, with a clear vision centered on customer engagement and an active analysis of which marketing techniques succeed and which fail, generating and producing sales, leads, or prospects can be maximized in the digital world.
Changes in the landscape
Until recently, a marketing campaign’s main goal was building brand awareness in customers’ minds through paid advertisements, effective brochures, and the perfect public relations approach. These engines drove the industry of image for businesses. Large sums of money fueled national campaigns that depended on presenting the correct image.
Truthfully, these ideas are still important. Branding is as important today as it was before the Internet explosion. But now the key principle of successful marketing programs is ROI. Think about it. CMOs know that their bottom line is developing, nurturing, and delivering qualified leads to the... Read more