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Audience Discovery at the Heart of the Future of Digital

Posted by admin on November 23rd, 2009 at 12:00 am

Last week, in the heart of New York City, I participated on a panel with several distinguished digital marketing experts weighing in on the biggest trends of 2009 while contemplating what the future may hold for the online marketing landscape.  This was the third annual Digital Evolution panel presented by 212, New York's Interactive Advertising Club.  I was joined on the panel with experts from DIGITAS, the Digital Broadcasting Group,, and Quattro Wireless.  Masha Geller, managing partner of Wednesday Marketing Group, moderated the lively debate. 
Everything, from the rise of data-driven ad targeting and social media, to episodic online video, mobile, and apps, were discussed in the context of significantly changing media consumption habits.  With many companies still scrambling to embrace these new tools as a way to deliver their marketing messages to customers, the panel reviewed some important strategies marketers must employ to keep from falling behind in the ever-changing digital landscape.  Audience discovery was a crucial part of this discussion. 
One of the most innovative digital trends I've noticed in 2009 are the new methods marketers have to leverage data for better audience targeting and measurement.  Advancements in behavioral technology have given marketers the tools they need... Read more

Employ Audience Measurement at Every Stage of Engagement!

Posted by admin on June 5th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Brands agree that advertising is most effective when it is tailored to a specific audience based on some empirical knowledge of your best customer. In order to achieve this goal, advertisers need to understand the composition of their prospects as they move across each stage of the sales cycle to becoming customers – from the initial message exposure, all the way through the purchase funnel. 
Our research indicates that more than three-quarters of marketers already leverage audience analytics, and close to 70 percent feel it is critical in dictating future ad campaigns. And as media budgets face continued downward pressure, measurability is even more important in the pursuit of efficiency. 
Historically, Web analytics have only provided basic operational metrics around visitor information and traffic patterns. This is helpful in understanding what your customers do, but for an advertising campaign to be truly effective, you need to know who your ideal customers are – demographically, geographically and behaviorally. 
The ability to know how an audience composition changes as it engages with your brand at every interaction point is an extremely powerful opportunity. What are the characteristics of the consumers that are exposed to your ad, and how do those characteristics compare to the responders and the converters? Understanding how these... Read more

Multi-Channel Buzz From the iMedia Summit

Posted by admin on February 17th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Fresh on the heels of another successful iMedia Brand Summit, the recurring theme echoing from sunny Coconut Point, Florida was the need to leverage multi-channel media opportunities.   The bottom line; in today’s challenging economic environment, advertisers are not looking to Television to build their brands they way they once did.  As ad dollars from Automotive, Banking and Retail brands are increasingly scarce, those slots are getting back-filled by Direct Response advertisers.  At the same time, online video viewership is at an all time high.
At last week’s event I found myself having the same conversation with a number of brands.  “We need better measurement”, they would say, “how can we be sure we are reaching the right audience, and not wasting impressions?”  And most of the brands also lamented that their media needed a performance-boost. 
I cited a recent survey that Datran Media conducted with over 3,000 industry professionals.  For the third straight year, marketers expressed optimism about using multiple online channels to drive meaningful results.  Despite marketing budgets being slashed across the board, online channels including email, search, and even social media are expected to increase  - in some cases by more than 50 percent. 
Behavioral targeting is a heavily... Read more

Use Email to Reach Shoppers at the 11th Hour

Posted by admin on December 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Despite tough economic times, holiday shoppers made Cyber Monday one of the best days for online retail.  According to comScore, Cyber Monday accounted for $846 million in online spending, up 15% from last year — and the second-highest amount spent in online retail in over a year. 
While many consumers already have their presents wrapped and resting neatly under the tree, there are still many shoppers that will wait until the very last-minute to complete their holiday gift list.  Typically made up of indecisive purchasers, people too busy to shop, or plain old procrastinators, this year many more will join the ranks of the last-minute shopper as consumers play the waiting game to score the best deals.  This audience can be influenced by last-minute promotional emails.  If big discounts are highlighted in the subject line, these shoppers are sure to take notice.  Just adhere to some of the following tips to ensure your year ends on a joyous note:

Stress urgency.  With marketers sending a record number of promotional email messages this season, consumers have seen it all.  Be sure to tailor your message to speak to this unique buying audience.  Highlight “last chance at savings” and call out “last-minute opportunities.” ... Read more

Email and social networks; mutually exclusive?

Posted by admin on October 28th, 2008 at 12:00 am

I keep getting asked – mostly by nervous database marketers – if the increased adoption of social networks is siphoning off traffic from the email inbox?  Fear not loyalists, email is thriving and still the best way to reach your customers.  But the CRM landscape is changing, and savvy marketers do need to expand their definition of "the inbox" and broaden their scope so they can stay in touch with customers, regardless of the channel. 
Overall time-spent-online continues to surge, and yes, much of that incremental time is spent in the social networks.  But the rising tide is lifting all channels.  After all, whether consumers are in their social media inbox, their email inbox, or their mobile inbox, at the end of the day they are spending more and more time in ‘the inbox’.  And the email marketing industry has already given birth to some of the most sophisticated tools for ‘inbox marketing’, which can be adapted as the devices change.   This broad approach is bringing the integration of email and social media, and is prompting a new discipline of database marketing.  And, some companies (like Datran Media) have begun to help companies apply the marketing and monetization tools typically... Read more