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When Crisis Communications Bleeds Into Community Support

Posted by Adam Leiter on April 3rd, 2013 at 7:07 am

The recent battle of claims and data between Elon Musk/Tesla and the New York Times showcases a unique crisis communications situation. What's the best way to handle a crisis of "he said-they said" before it spirals out of control?
At some point in their career, every communications professional needs to handle at least a few crisis situations on behalf of a client. All things being relative - whether it’s a disaster like the BP oil spill, a trolling commenter on your brand’s Facebook page, or an executive giving out embargoed information too early – the way you initially respond will set the tone for everything that follows. It’s all about being prepared to the best degree, and then maintaining as much control as possible.
But in some cases, keeping a loose grip on that control and relying on trusted advocates to speak on your behalf can be more effective than any prepared statement.
An example of this recently played out between Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and the New York Times. When Musk went on the attack against a negative review of the company’s East Coast charging station, first via social media, then by blog, and eventually (perpetually?) even further, his response quickly incited a crisis spiral.... Read more

The Best Best Lists That List Recaps of Marketing 2012

Posted by Adam Leiter on December 28th, 2012 at 11:15 am

2012 was about more than the Facebook IPO and how Call Me Maybe revolutionized social music marketing. Here's a look at some of the best top lists of marketing in the past year.
It’s the end of the year as we know it, and I feel…like I’m under a LOT of pressure to come up with some type of recap highlighting the best of everything that the world of marketing brought us in 2012. So much happened that affected how we’ll practice our craft in the next year in terms of strategy, ability and best practices…and that’s just barely covering the Gangnam Style phenomenon.
We all have expectations of which big marketing, social media and advertising efforts will top the myriad lists across the Internet. It’s lots of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Superbowl memories, and while they're certainly worth revisiting, I’d rather give a tip of the hat to others that did a great job compiling the accomplishments in our industry this year.
Here are my Top Five Top Lists Articles of 2012:

Social Media Examiner has pulled together a helpful list of their best articles in 2012 for those of us looking for tips and guidance.
VentureBeat recaps the top social media stories that had an... Read more

Seven Marketing Lessons From 007 Villains

Posted by Adam Leiter on November 8th, 2012 at 9:08 am

Much has been written about the simple mistakes that Bond villains make in allowing the nominal spy to escape and foil their evil plans. But along with recommendations to overcome previous superspy-killing bungles, there are marketing lessons to be learned.
With the film franchise’s 50th anniversary and the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, out this week, there’s a lot of excitement around the legacy of everything Bond. Beyond the drinking, fighting, intrigue, women, gadgets, fast cars, and espionage, there are the villains. What purpose would Bond and MI6 have if it weren’t for the deviant masterminds of nuclear, drug-related and generally destructive plots?
Aside from their schemes, these criminals are often successful entrepreneurs or high profile public figures who are bona fide geniuses. Much has been written about the simple mistakes that Bond villains make in allowing the nominal spy to escape and foil their evil plans. But along with recommendations to overcome previous superspy-killing bungles, there are marketing lessons to be learned.
In that spirit, here are seven marketing tips from 007 bad guys that can apply to your brand.

Don’t give away your secrets to the competition: The classic Bond villain mistake. Things seem like they’re going in your favor, so why not have a... Read more

Is Facebook Holding Your Brand For Ransom? Tall Tales Of Pay Requirements To View Posts

Posted by Adam Leiter on October 25th, 2012 at 9:48 am

Do you have one of those Facebook friends that constantly posts rumors about celebrity deaths, UFO sightings, changes to Facebook policies and other gossip? For some people, the lure of a rumor becomes too great to ignore, especially when it comes to changes that affect their business’ social media presence.
Social media is a brand’s prime way of directly interacting with their audiences. So, when someone is telling them that unless they pay up, their Facebook presence will be wildly diminished, some worry will inevitably ensue. Take this message, one among hundreds that I’ve been seeing recently, concerning paid promoted pages versus unpaid:

Once again Internet, you are spreading rumors and putting people into unnecessary panic. Let’s straighten out the details.
While some of the information is true, we need to iron out the facts. Yes, brands now have the option to pay for promotion on Facebook. However, this will not affect the unpaid posts that Facebook has always had. Even before the option for paid posts, users never received every single post from every single page. The number of posts by a certain page that users receive is based upon how active they are on that page.
Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank,... Read more

Did “Call Me Maybe” And Social Media Really Change Music Marketing?

Posted by Adam Leiter on September 19th, 2012 at 7:28 am

Are social media tactics “upending” the music industry, or are they simply becoming recognized as part of an integrated multi-platform approach to marketing?
Summer’s pretty much over, but the beat, as they say, goes on. Don’t think that those summertime music hits (or earworms, depending on your taste...I’m looking at you Gotye) are going away anytime soon. I’ve talked before about what the music industry gets right when it comes to good content and marketing channels, and a recent NYTimes article brings up some interesting points related to how a hit becomes a hit in the new social media-influenced marketing realm.
If anything though, the story in that article isn’t about how social media and artists like Carly Rae Jepsen have wreaked havoc on the “old model” of music marketing and promotion, it’s about how smart marketers have recognized ways to integrate social media into their mix for a stronger and more flexible program. But before even broaching the question of “how can we try to create viral buzz?” marketers need to ask, “do we even have the right content to promote?” The main takeaway from the NYTimes piece is that “Call Me Maybe” struck a chord with a wide audience because it... Read more