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Report: CPG Snack Foods – Social Media Analysis

Posted by Doug Schumacher on August 25th, 2014 at 11:43 am

Snack Foods have some of the largest social media communities of any product or service category. Our sample of 8 brands -- Butterfinger, Oreo, Reese’s, Skittles, Snickers, Starburst, Twix and Wonka -- has an average Facebook fan count of over 14 million.

The category is a fun, simple product with a lot of room for creative messaging -- perfect for an analysis of how brands like these communicate with and engage their customer base.

Our analysis outlines which networks are generating the biggest impact in the category, and takes a deep dive into the best performing tactics and campaigns these brands are using to engage their audience.

Report highlights

  • Facebook is the dominant network, with 99% of the total community among these brands
  • Surprisingly few brands are on Instagram, given the young, casual nature of the product category
  • The only brand on Instagram, Oreo, generates more engagement there than with their 37 million Facebook fans.
  • Two brands greatly increased their impact on Facebook through post promotion: Snickers and Wonka
  • Campaign analysis shows Twitter to be generating little engagement relative to Facebook, while Oreo campaigns implementing Instagram are seeing a significant number of engagements on that network.
  • Wonka’s RANDOMS product launch campaign used post promotion on Facebook to increase engagement levels over 100x above the organic impact.

To view report, click image above, or here.

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