New infographic shows the power of Pinterest

Posted by Denise Casagrande on August 1st, 2014 at 9:18 am

Just four years from its beta launch in 2010, Pinterest has 2.5 million page views per month, making it the fastest growing social platform today.

And its popularity is not the only draw for savvy marketers; according to recent studies, Pinterest is more successful than Twitter and Facebook at turning followers into consumers. Users also spend more on products they discover on Pinterest than users on any other platform.

The site also appears to be especially merchant-friendly; a few weeks ago, Pinterest introduced a new tweak to its popular follow button that makes it easier for consumers to follow retailers off-site.

In fact, Pinterest’s follow button is just one example of a “Pinterest Goodie,” or a free resource that helps merchants enhance their Pinterest marketing strategies. Goodies include apps, bookmarks, share buttons, profile-website syncing, mobile-friendly browsing, interactive comment sections, and site-based analytics.

But even with access to all of these tools, and seeing all of this compelling data, many marketing professionals still struggle to build a Pinterest page that will attract and convert consumers.

In the infographic below, Ripen eCommerce provides a quick introduction to the power of Pinterest well as a roadmap for adopting (or improving) your Pinterest eCommerce strategy.

Click here to view the full infographic.

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