Why mobile is vital — no matter how sedentary your vertical

Posted by Betsy Farber on July 1st, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Despite all the buzz surrounding mobile, there's still a tendency for some brands to think that mobile marketing doesn't apply to them. For instance, car companies, pet stores, and furniture stores, to name a few, might fall into this category. After all, who buys a recliner on their phone? But mobile is changing traditional shopping habits. No matter what you're selling, if your brand's not accessible on mobile, then you're late to the party. Taking the lead and forging ahead with a strong mobile strategy is furniture manufacturer La-Z-Boy.

Matt Targett, director, interactive and product marketing at La-Z-Boy Inc., recently told iMedia about the company's two-step mobile approach to delivering what consumers want. "First, we are redesigning an already effective site to be more inclusive of the myriad of screen sizes in the marketplace," he said. Expected to be complete in January 2015, the new features will attempt to "mirror the standard desktop site in a mobile format." This initiative is a key step to ensure consumers have a seamless user experience with the brand.

The second step in La-Z-Boy's mobile roadmap will add m-commerce functionality to the new site. Targett feels strongly that, combined, these changes will position La-Z-Boy a standout competitor in the furniture market. "This may seem slow for other verticals, but for furniture (mostly upholstery) purchases, we feel like we will be a front runner," Targett says.

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