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The future of TV advertising

Posted by Agata Smieciuszewski on June 3rd, 2014 at 11:54 am

Will digital and TV ever align with each other? Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan took the stage at the iMedia Entertainment Summit to delve into how changing technology will affect the landscape of TV advertising. In the past, tracking actual viewership patterns has been difficult,  but new data sources and web-spawned ad technologies are affecting the way we look at media spending in this context.

Simulmedia uses TV viewing and marketing data to help improve the relevance of TV advertising. By leveraging data to avoid irrelevant and redundant audiences, brands can better target their messages and at last calculate true ROI for television advertising. As it turns out, television has the capacity to drive a massive amount of conversions. Proper audience buying is the key to higher conversion rates -- and the data shows a 571 percent return on media spend when done right.

Morgan noted that, in most major campaigns, 20 percent of the target audience is not being reached. This creates a huge opportunity for brands. Leveraging data to reach these missing audiences will enable a brighter future in TV advertising.

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  1. Carolyn Clarke says:

    This is a interesting read. Thank you for sharing this article. I agree TV advertising has a bright future even its a great medium to show your presence online. I have experienced this personally. I wanted to promote my business for which I hired CBS Altitude Group and they prepared my commercial so well that I not only received a great foot fall at my store but also a great increase in my analytics.

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