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Joseph Carrabis' Under the Influence: What's this survey about?

Posted by Joseph Carrabis on May 27th, 2014 at 2:17 pm

Hello, it's me again. How you been? Comfortable? You make a good living?

That last sentence is the punch line of an old joke; Some poor fellow has an automobile accident. Some people rush to help him. One person takes off his jacket, makes a pillow out of it, rests the injured fellow's head on it and asks, "Are you comfortable?" The fellow responds, "I make a good living."

For those not familiar with such things, the front of the joke is called the send up and the back of the joke is the punchline, although other disciplines know them as prime and release.

Truly good surveys (and I'll explain my definition in a minute) do the same thing; they prime and release. The priming part causes the participant to focus on something, the release part comes after the participant has stopped focusing on that thing and before they go onto the next thing. The release is when the brain and mind rest, essentially catching their neural breath, before going onto the next task in the survey.

A Truly Good Survey...

... has covert and overt elements. The overt part is the survey's look and feel, how it's delivered, how it's administered, how participants are selected, the questions themselves, so on and so forth.

The covert part is what the survey designers and developers are really studying about the participants. What is really under scrutiny, in a truly good survey, might meld with the overt elements and is not necessarily mated to those overt elements in any obvious way.

Incredible Survey Systems...

...know that there's gold in both the priming and releasing, that both need to be observed for the data gathered to be valid. For example, this survey uses some NextStage technology to observe and record how and what people are thinking while they're taking the survey.

For that matter, even if they don't take it. All you need do is go to the introduction and NextStage technology will already have gathered enough information about you to advise stake holders precisely how to market to you.

Amazing isn't it?

Good thing we have patents on it, don't you think?

And if you take the survey and want to know what we've found out, just let us get in touch with us or join our Friends of NextStage LinkedIn Group because we'll be sharing it there.


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