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5 Social Media Features That Make Skipity Unique

Posted by Morgan Sims on May 25th, 2014 at 12:56 pm

Have you heard of Skipity? It's a new discovery engine designed to help you find interesting stuff on the web when you don't know exactly what you're looking for. It's a fun, fast, new and easy way to browse the internet. Now, when you're looking for something interesting to read but don't have a specific topic in mind, you can go to Skipity. It will deliver sites tailored to your tastes.

Googling “something cool” doesn’t work. Image via Skipity

Just click the button, and Skipity randomly places you on an interesting site in some corner of the web. Skipity also makes use of social media in unique ways, enhancing your browsing experience. Let's check these out.

1. Categories

Like many applications out there, but, unlike other discovery engines, Skipity gives you the option to log into Facebook to set categories. Just log in to Facebook once you've installed the Skipity add-on by clicking on the extension's Facebook logo. Go to the permission's page and click accept. Upon signing up with Facebook, you will have the ability to select which categories you want or don’t want to see. Let's say you choose to include the category "Videos," but exclude the category "Gross". Now Skipity will permit pages tagged as “video”, but will avoid any of those videos if they have the label "Gross." It's a pretty cool way to enhance your browsing experience.

2. Facebook Likes

Instead of pasting a link into Facebook to share with your friends. Skipity seamlessly incorporates a Facebook like button into its add-on to simplify the task. It also has a unique feature of  displaying “facebook like data” such as how many people liked the current page.

3. Facebook Notifications

Once you log in to your Facebook account using Skipity, you won't have to go to the page to check your account anymore. If you get stuck spending hours browsing the internet on Skipity, you don't have to worry. Skipity's Facebook button, as long as you're signed into the page and linked up, also acts as a notification button. The Facebook button gets has a little red badge with white numbers inside to show you how many notifications you have.

Similar to Facebook itself, when you hover over the button, you can see more information about the notifications. The red badge refreshes itself every 60 seconds, so you can stay fully up to date on your account. Also, you can control what kind of notifications appear on the Facebook button, for when you only care about certain types or notifications from specific people.

4. YouTube

You can actually use Skipity to download videos from YouTube and many other sites with video. Skipity has created a video downloader for all web browsers, however Firefox seems to be the best browser to support this. To see that a video has availability for download, check out the extension's graphic. If it changed from a grey image to an animated color image, the video's ready to go.

Sometimes, you'll notice an embedded YouTube video on a website. These won't make the extension's graphic change right away. To make the video downloadable, you have to click the play button first. Sometimes, this still won't work. If it doesn't, try to refresh the page or click the video's source link to take you back to the original YouTube page and download it from there.

Once a video is available for download, click on the color icon above the extension that says "save video." A drop-down menu should appear, and it will show all available videos for download from the page you're on. The largest file (highest quality format) on the drop-down menu usually indicates the video you're trying to get. Just click that file and the video should start downloading on its own. Skipity's website explains how to view and convert videos once they download if you need further help on the subject.

5. Screenshots

If you want to share some of the cool stuff you find on Skipity, but don't want to save a bunch of links, you can use the screenshot feature. You can capture, grab, save, copy or download pretty much anything you find using Skipity with a single click. It offers one of the most customizable screenshot utilities available for Windows and Mac.

You can choose the destination of the screenshots, but the default to your desktop. Now, whatever you find on Skipity can be easily shared with your friends on social media.

Skipity has these and other features to help you really explore and enjoy the Internet. See what you can find for yourself!

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