Top 12 tweets and pics from the iMedia Agency Summit

Posted by Lizzie Serber on May 8th, 2014 at 11:16 am

Author and industry luminary Phil Simon summed up this week's iMedia Agency Summit as "a first-rate conference in a great location rife with smart cookies." With over 300 "smart cookies" at the event at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa, it's no surprise that the tweets and photos coming out of the event are packed with great insights, fresh ideas, snake sightings, and... a freshly shaved alpaca.

Top 12 tweets and pics:

1. @lindsay_london - A new term has been coined by Lin Digital. We're not marketers, we're marketeers. It does make my job sound more adventurous. #iMediaSummit

2. @davidstaas - Aaron Fetters #imediasummit  "data: a sharper tool but so much easier to hurt yourself" great comment. Use it wisely. @fettersac

3. @joshokun - Lazy river, home of seven figure deals and great piña coladas. #imediasummit Hyatt Lost Pines Resort

4. @marakschneider - The Consumer Journey is not about the purchase cycle, it's about a long term relationship with a brand #iMediaSummit

5. @AnalyticLeanne - Using facial recognition technology to understand brand engagement.  Imagine the possibilities.  Is it too obtrusive? #imediasummit

6. @aimeereker - In the age of context marketing, we have to practice branding in a (more) trustworthy fashion @shelisrael #imediasummit

7. @tylertanaka - Alan @Digschulman from @sapientnitro said it perfectly "Why are we so seduced by the automation of everything?" #imediasummit

8. @tracyzbroderick - Agree w/ @pcrofutPDX - nothing worse than seeing poor creative in a terrific media placement. Foster creative/media collab #iMediaSummit

9. @mjkonowicz - "We need to do a better job of respecting customers that say they already bought something or aren't interested in buying it." #imediasummit

10. @shenan - "Does it pass the toothbrush test?" Do you use it twice a day? How to know if you are being relevant! Learned at #imediasummit

11. @JamieElden - Huge thanks to @iMediaTweet for the excellent programming at #iMediaSummit, I hope to see you all at the after party tonight!

12. @mikepratt - Mesmerized and inspired at the same time by @natgeo head photog Annie Griffiths. Wow. What a talent/spirit/person #imediasummit

Congratulations to those featured - we can't wait to see you at another iMedia Summit soon! View our calendar here: http://www.imediaconnection.com/summits/

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