Happy Together @imediasummit

Posted by Denise Zimmerman on May 6th, 2014 at 2:20 pm

Happy to be here at the agency summit making new connections and hugging it out with the old. Great things always happen when you bring together passionate, smart folks who are committed to advancing the industry - and the team at iMedia are masters at it.

If you missed it, it may validate you to know that whatever challenges you are having - you are not alone. There is major consensus across the industry of a number of issues we are charged with addressing.

A few of those are:

1. Complexity - while our industry is becoming increasingly critical to driving business and marketing success it is also getting increasingly complex.

2. The gulf of knowledge and expertise between clients and providers still requires education.

3. While Mobile is HERE - the avalanche of providers and options has created a sea of confusion. Not so dissimilar to networks before and other emerging technologies before that. Tip to mobile providers - be really clear about your data sources, points of differentiation - not only in technology but other potential areas of service and benefit.

4. Integration is essential. Creative, data & media. Agencies and brands are organizing and evangelizing around this.

The solution? Stay informed. Continue to cultivate your valued relationships. Partner with your clients and providers. Recognize that expertise in our industry requires constant learning. Continue to attend and support iMedia!

So much more to share but for now that's it from me!  How about you?

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