Unifying Tech with iMedia and Tapad

Posted by Katharine Panessidi on April 30th, 2014 at 8:50 pm

The Tapad Unify Tech '14 event on Tuesday was aptly named -- it was all about unifying technology aka onmichannel aka cross-device aka cross-screen. As the official media partner, we at iMedia had the chance to interview some very intelligent folks, including:

  • Steven Dubner, Author of Think Like a Freak Author
  • Are Traasdahl, Tapad Founder & CEO
  • Alex Andreyev, Neo@ogilvy Director, Omnichannel Marketing
  • Steven Rosenblatt, Foursquare CRO
  • Anthony Ha, TechCrunch Media/Advertising Reporter
  • Megan Pagliuca, Merkle Inc. GM & VP of Digital Media
  • George Gemelos, Tapad SVP Data Science
  • And many more - check out our event video coverage for exclusive interviews!

To me the most interesting interviews of the day were held with Are Traasdahl and Steven Dubner. Traasdahl explained that digital marketing was built for a single screen, but now we need to solve for a cross-screen world. He explained that he co-founded Tapad in order to unify tech (and at that point I got the name of the conference!). He explained that in 3-4 yrs there won't be a "mobile" silo. It will just be marketing. Much like the saying around the iMedia office, "It's no longer digital marketing. It's marketing in a digital world." What's next? Traasdahl shares that Tapad sees TV as the next big step to finally unify all screens.

Steven Dubner challenged the audience to "think like a freak." To take traditional thinking and flip it on it's head. To innovate. The easiest and quickest way to do this, he says, is to put yourself in the mindset of a child, because you’ll come up with better ideas and ask better questions. He used colorful examples to explain his points in a keynote speech following our interview, including the methods of a Japanese hot-dog-eating champion. His book with co-author Steven D. Levitt maps out some of the steps toward thinking like a freak. I bought my digital copy and I'm looking forward to digging in.

Definitely some food for thought at this event. Great speakers. Great attendees. Omnichannel is clearly a huge trend right now. Is it more than just a buzz word? Tapad is betting that it is. And most media agencies and brands realize that they have to break down the marketing silos in order to make real progress. Easier said than done, but having these conversations raises awareness and helps propel the industry forward.

At iMedia we strive to do drive the transformation through conversations at our events and on our site around industry evolution, as well as provide actionable strategies readers and attendees can integrate into their media planning immediately. That's why we partnered with Tapad on this event. That's why we'll be discussing omnichannel at the upcoming iMedia Commerce Summit in June, our Brand Summit in September, which focus on marketing in an always on world, and the Breakthrough Summit covering mobile and other emerging marketing tech. We hope you'll join our revolution.

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