The inaugural iMedia Canada Summit kicks off with a rockin' party

Posted by Jennifer Marlo on April 7th, 2014 at 4:08 am

I've never met a Canadian that I didn't like, and the folks I met at the welcome reception for the inaugural iMedia Canada Summit are no exception. The event, which unfolded at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Montreal, kicked off with a cocktail reception that dipped into the swanky hotel bar. Isn't this place nifty?

Our host for this event, Marie-Josee Lamothe, mingled with guests and chatted with fellow speakers.


The tapas themed dinner won me over with shrimp, artisan cheese, and smoked meats. Tres Bien!

The spread. I wish I was still eating.

Roast beef sandwiches...mmmm...

And finally, dessert. Oh sweet, sweet, dessert.

Carrot cake. It's healthy, right?

The party was a great kickoff for what's sure to be a fantastic event: the content covers everything from the disrupted consumer, to customer loyalty, privacy, multi-screen, e-commerce, big data, and bacon. (You read that right. Stay tuned, more on bacon later.)

Click here to view the event agenda.

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