You Created It – Top Tweets from the iMedia Content Summit

Posted by Lizzie Serber on March 6th, 2014 at 3:30 pm

This week's iMedia Content Summit focused on all things content, from creation and distribution to the convergence of TV and digital, and what it all means for marketers in a digital world (not to be confused with digital marketers). In addition to compelling, engaging presentations from leaders like Chris Cox of Hershey and Brynn Bardacke of Coke, attendees created their own powerful content by way of  tweets, photos, and blog posts about the event. Please enjoy some of our favorite moments from the summit.

Top Tweets and Pics from the iMedia Content Summit

1. @mjkonowicz - Who will "own" programmatic video buying in 5 years? Hardware manufacturers? Agencies? Existing players? Distributors ie cable? #iMediaSummit

2. @freshdigitalgrp - Your social strategy HAS to be mobile because Social is innately MOBILE. @traviswfreeman #imediasummit

3. @AwayInKC - #imediasummit look at your top 3 posts for the week; amplify it with a paid ad. Use content that you know works well. #contenttips

4. @laurenzarzour - "I don't wake up wondering what ads Facebook will serve me today." - @amandamahan on creating content, not just another ad #imediasummit

5. @JLisk1 - Do brands need to comment on everything?  Who needs 1 million tweets from brands congratulating Jared Leto?   -@amandamahan #imediasummit

6. @D_Stro - Make a game plan, execute, ride the wave or change on the fly, back w insights & eat chocolate #imediasummit #hershey

7. @ecoker - Stay true to fundamentals: objectives, insights, strategy, execution, test/learn, measure #iMediaSummit @christophercox1

8. @lazbro - #DigitalMarketing is dead.  We are marketing in a digital world.  #imediasummit @christophercox1

9. @Cactus_Mike - Second #imediasummit In a row where I am blown away by crazy smart people from @intel #IntelForChange

10. @kendracm - "What keeps me up at night are missed opportunities." -Jackie Kulesza #word #imediasummit

Congrats to those who were featured!

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