Keys to Visual Content Marketing Success

Posted by Nate Holmes on March 3rd, 2014 at 7:00 am

Visual content is all the rage. 90 percent of all businesses seek more, better content. It's because the content consumers demand is visual. Visual content is more stimulating to the senses. To the point people want to share it with others or refer back to it again later. It’s "repurposeaceous". What is going to make your visual content a marketing success?

Here are 5 keys that “enable” your visual content marketing success:

1. Snackable - must be consumed in small bits. That’s all today’s busy professionals have time for with a majority of content. This snackable content can range in sustenance. Similar to healthy snacks for your body should have vitamins, minerals and fiber, visual content snacks for your marketing should be informative, beneficial, and interesting. But don’t be afraid to let your audience indulge in some fun, visual content that might have a little less sustenance.

2. Scroll-Stoppable - must intercept the viewer as he/she scrolls through their newsfeed or Twitter stream. Can you think of the last piece of content that stopped you from scrolling? It likely had some sort of visual aspect to it. Engaging images break through the clutter and capture attention. But stopping someone from scrolling isn’t enough. Your content must include the other keys to make it an effective piece that influences thinking and causes action.

3. Stickable - must be something they bookmark, favorite, pin, email themself or show & tell their spouse / friend about. If you think something is of value or important, you’ll mark it as such. You can then easily go back and view the content again, possibly when you have more time or you want to reference it. It’s kind of like sharing the content with yourself because you think future you might benefit from it.

4. Shareable - must be something to share via social media or in a meeting. If your content isn’t shareable, it’s not effective. The best way for your visual content to be seen by more is to have those who see it, share it too. Things that are shareable are relevant, start (or contribute to) a conversation, are concise, and aren’t salesy. To see if you are producing shareable visual content, track your content with analytics.

5. Searchable - if it’s worth using again, it must be searchable. How many times have you seen something interesting or helpful, wanted to refer back to it, and couldn’t find it. When you’ve provided something of value, people will want to refer back to your content. Using keywords in your content and hashtags will help make your content searchable.

While these five keys to visual content marketing success are all important, each key can vary from piece to piece based on the goal of that content.

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