5 Ways In-App Messaging is a Powerful Tool for Marketers

Posted by Morgan Sims on March 1st, 2014 at 12:53 pm

Gone are the days when marketers could advertise to the mobile masses with a general campaign aimed to blanket an entire audience. The needs and wants of consumers has created a melting pot of advertising potential and marketers must optimize their campaigns, which is exactly where in-app messaging comes into play. With advertising effectiveness in mind, here are 5 ways in-app messaging can improve your app marketing efforts now and for future campaigning.

Analytics at Work

Just because customers already have your app doesn’t mean you can use the “set it and forget it” marketing technique. Once you’ve released your marketing campaign to targeted users, make sure you take advantage of app analytics to see just how well your marketing efforts are performing.

In-app messaging has nowhere near the potential to reach the right audience if you don’t take an analytical approach. By utilizing app analytics, you can easily target specific demographics by location, language, and age as well as target mobile devices by type, regardless of whether it’s an LG phone or a smartphone with a different OS. While you’re at it, why not take advantage of app tracking too.

With app tracking, you can follow every marketing campaign you release via a tracking breakdown that’s specific to each app campaign. The breakdown monitors your advertisement’s performance including the number of views, clicks, installs, and whether those installs led to any cross promotions.

Trickle-Down Benefits

The whole idea behind in-app messaging is to continuously engage customers who are already interested in your app. With that said, when your marketing messages are pertinent and relevant to the user, it can open all new doors for the rest of your marketing efforts in the form of increased user engagement.

Whether you choose the cross promotion route or you’re simply messaging users about the latest promotions your brand has to offer, improving user experience via in-app messaging can lead to increased engagement in other apps as well as improved ratings for your app in the AppStore. This is especially the case when your in-app messaging prompts users to rate their overall experience with your app.

Cross Promotion Possibilities

As mentioned before, cross promoting is just one of the advantages of in-app messaging. Considering current users are your target audience, cross promotion messages are a great way to get your core users interested in the other apps you provide, which leads to more marketing potential.

Not only is there increased reception with current users, but the likelihood that current users have the same interest level in your other apps is also favorable. Cross promotion messaging is one of the easiest ways to create an ever-engaged audience and maintain user loyalty, which is great for retaining your customer base.

Niche Targeting

When your in-app marketing campaigns are equipped with the power of analytics and researched demographics, targeting niche audiences and retaining their attention is a breeze. In-app messaging allows you to market specifically to the source of your campaigning efforts: the individual customer.

With the niche marketing specifics involved with in-app messaging, you can tailor your messages to the individual or niche group. This kind of marketing makes it possible to instantly deliver app promotions and impromptu offers that are actually acted upon by interested parties. Add to that the fact that in-app messaging occurs in real-time and your mobile marketing has the potential to reach new heights.

Retention at its Finest

The art of marketing boils down to the ability to retain a customer’s attention long enough to get your point across, whether that point be selling your goods and services or promoting your brand. When your in-app marketing has an effective message behind it, user retention not only becomes inherent, it leads to future engagement.

User retention means communicating with customers before they leave your app. This type of communication leads to users spending more time on your app, which is the definition of customer engagement. In-app messaging makes this kind of user retention possible.

With in-app messaging as your mobile marketing sidekick, your marketing efforts will become more effective and that much closer to effortless.

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