Revving up for the inaugural iMedia Content Summit

Posted by Marti Funk on February 25th, 2014 at 9:55 am

Next week, we're kicking off the first-ever iMedia Content Summit in Surf City USA, Huntington Beach, Calif.!

Well, the event is not entirely new. We've taken our popular video summit and expanded it to include a focus on TV and social integrations, indicative of today's consumer -- that's a lot of ground to cover -- and we've packed the agenda with the very best thought leadership and brands at the helm. Attendees will hear from myriad mega brands, such as Hershey's, Coca-Cola, State Farm, GE, Clorox, Universal, Paramount, and more, as well as top agencies, publishers, and tech companies on the cutting edge of reaching consumers with some of the most compelling content in the world.

We'll explore both the art and the science of effective content marketing, from creative storytelling to distribution to measuring the markers of success. We'll ask the tough questions: How do ad buying behaviors need to change to meet consumer advancements? What is the future of social content, and how is it being monetized? Where does marketing and agency leadership need to focus for real measurement insight across media platforms? Are disparate media disciplines limiting advancement? How do we break today's silos? Are communications and media agencies bridging or enhancing the gaps? Let's talk about those "turf wars."

This Summit will provide several answers. Many of the key players will be there, and iMedia readers will see coverage of the sessions, discussions, and more via special coverage newsletters and articles and blogs posted on iMediaConnection.com. And don't forget to keep an eye on social channels, especially @iMediaTweet, as we bring you live commentary and insights throughout the event!

Marti Funk
SVP, iMedia Communications Inc. / @martifunk

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