Top 12 tweets and pics from the iMedia Brand Summit

Posted by Lizzie Serber on February 13th, 2014 at 12:41 pm

iMedia Brand Summits mean business. When senior marketers from major brands like Heineken, PepsiCo, Campbell's, Hershey, Mondelēz, and over 100 others get together to talk shop (and have plenty of fun along the way), you can bet that industry-driving conversations are one result. Add the freshest, most inventive tech and service providers into the mix, and you get creative solutions, lasting relationships, and... an ice luge?

Here are our favorite tweets and photos from this week's iMedia Brand Summit. Author's note: with over 1300 tweets in three days (thanks, @CarlosGil83!), this was not an easy choice.

Top 12 tweets and pics

1. @AZRod - Great point that is often overlooked! RT @GReinhold: #imediasummit 80% of branded content is put out by your consumer. Pay attention.

2. @RecipeGoodTaste - Digital isn't emerging any longer. We should see it as marketing in a digital world. #imediasummit

3. @kmskala - Fascinating to hear the consistency of struggles and areas of opportunity from brands across variety of verticals. #imediasummit

4. @saratonin22 - Sad reality "In social, consumers say 'I <3 U' but don't hear it back; say 'I hate u' & get a conversation" via @debmberman #imediasummit

5. @adamkmiec - Theme from RocketFuel this morning is a similar refrain: we are data rich and insight poor. #iMediasummit

6. @ccloney - Spend 10% of your R+D budget on serendipitous innovation and hire someone responsible to manage this. #lbrody, #imediasummit

7. @mls888 - This connected generation (Gen-C) is not defined by demographics. It's about adoption of tech - Becky Frankiewicz, PepsiCo  #imediasummit

8. @pdeloof - #Desktopocalypse by 2017 mobile will eclipse desktop. Great welcome speech by @emarketer #wakeup #imediasummit

9. @GReinhold - @SensoryLogic inspiring the room to bring pure, authentic joy to consumers by cracking the code of human behavior #imediasummit

10. @caseycarey - My guess is 1 in 5 marketers understand incrementality. Great to hear a speaker who is focused on improving this. #imediasummit

11. @olemediainc - Great ideas coming out of #iMediaSummit ! Walmart, Heineken, Great Clips doing it right! Check out: #sharethesofa  #owntheseason

12. @WorldWide_Watts - Awesome three days at #iMediaSummit. Biggest takeaway is how passionate brand marketers are about what they do.

Our first iMedia Summit tweet champion

We've never seen so much Twitter activity from a single attendee before! Thank you to the prolific @CarlosGil83 for being our tweet champion. Here are five of his best:

1. Having a digital content strategy that appeals to Millennials is the missing link to your brand being relevant #iMediaSummit #RealTalk

2. Agency resources are good strategic thinkers but don't take the same accountability as an internal brand marketer #iMediaSummit #RealTalk

3. Facebook = Social hubTwitter = 1-on-1 dialogue Pinterest = Tips for moms  Instagram = Engaging photos Vine = Micro-ads#iMediaSummit

4. Crowd sourced content is what brands should leverage to organically show affinity for their brand, don't "overthink" relevancy #iMediaSummit

5. People are already speaking about your brand + competition online. #SocialMedia is a tool to engage back and build loyalty! #iMediaSummit

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