Stay tuned for the iMedia 25 panel of brand innovators!

Posted by Lori Luechtefeld on February 10th, 2014 at 9:00 am

The iMedia Brand Summit is off to a great start, and the momentum is only going to continue on Tuesday with presentations from author Dan Hill, MSG Entertainment's Chris Moseley, The Social Symphony's Tom Troja, StoryTech's Lori Schwartz, and many others.

Of course, I'm most excited for the post-lunch iMedia 25 panel of marketing leaders and innovators. Why? Well, selfishly because I'm moderating it. But also because we have the following amazing lineup of folks from diverse brands taking the stage to discuss how they're "marketing to the new consumer":

  • Sharonda L. Britton, Director of Multicultural Marketing, Walmart Stores Inc.
  • Jeremy Brook, Global Lead of Digital Strategy and Media Innovation, Heineken
  • Kasey Skala, Digital Communication Manager, Great Clips Inc.

Sharonda, Jeremy, and Kasey were all honorees on the 2013 iMedia 25 list of marketing innovators. Each year, this list represents an amazing bunch of people who are taking risks and making impressive moves to benefit not only their own brands and companies, but also the marketing industry as a whole. Obviously, these are people who we think our summit attendees should get to know better.

Hope to see some of you during the panel! For the rest of you, look for plenty of post-event coverage to come!

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