Best Jobs in Digital Media For 2014

Posted by Morgan Sims on January 22nd, 2014 at 7:35 am

The job landscape changes at a rate that's tough for anyone to keep up with. In 2014, job boards will highlight companies' growing needs for people who can offer certain skills and abilities related to digital marketing. These digital media jobs offer candidates a chance to use and grow their creativity and their skills in strategy, social media, customer service, and data analysis.

Mobile Marketing Specialist

As people spend more time than ever, both business time and pleasure time, on mobile devices, many companies are seeking out someone familiar with the digital terrain involved to reach customers through their smart phones and tablets.

Customers and prospects not only communicate through mobile devices, but are increasingly likely to get access to web content and shop through them. Businesses are creating positions for specialists who can coordinate the activities of the marketing, IT, and customer service departments to take advantage of the mobile revolution. It's a job for someone who not only has a great deal of knowledge about mobile devices and the ways customers use them, but also enjoys wearing many hats.

Online Community Manager

Job titles such as “Social Media Manager” and “Social Media Editor” are headed on their way out, as more people within companies develop proficiency with social media platforms. But specialized social media jobs are still growing, including openings for Online Community Managers.

These business liaisons reach out to customers and potential customers where they gather on social media platforms, indulging their interests related to the company’s brand. Interacting with them is a highly variable job that requires marketing creativity and the ability to adapt quickly to emerging platforms across the rapidly evolving social media landscape.

Content Creator

As long as content marketing is part of the digital landscape — this now appears to be a situation that'll last forever — people who can create content will be vital.

Recent trends are moving content toward the visual realm, with short viral videos and infographics both gathering steam. But whether content creators are designers, videographers, writers, or something else new entirely, the most important thing is for them to be compelling storytellers. Creative people who can give customers a reason to feel an emotional connection to a brand’s story and then share the content they have created are the ones employers need.

Content Strategist

But what sort of content should companies create, and why? How should they use the content they’ve generated for maximum ROI?

These decisions are the stock in trade of a Content Strategist. Content strategists understand the brand’s story as a unified whole. They're charged with deciding what types of content will connect with the customer and prospect bases. As part of running the content show, they also audit existing content to decide what stays, goes, lives on in a slightly altered form, or gets repurposed. They're the minds behind the company message, making sure it never runs astray.

User Experience Specialist

Companies have begun to realize that it’s not just a matter of what kind of website to build and what functions the website performs. And it’s not just about what content customers can find on their site. It’s about the entire experience that customers and prospects have when they visit the site and use -- or attempt to use -- its functionality.

User experience professionals have actually been around for decades, but lately they're seeing more opportunities cropping up on job boards. Companies are beginning  to value their knowledge of the ways that coding, graphic design, and brand identity work together to engage customers and persuade visitors.

Data Analyst

One great aid in deciding what sort of content or campaign to create would be understanding what worked, or did not work, about the content the company has put out there before. A great deal of data is actually generated by customers responding to digital marketing. Now there is a rapidly growing demand growing for people who can understand it.

Companies are seeking a record number of data scientists, even as there's a looming shortage of them working in all fields. They're invaluable not only in determining how well a marketing campaign is doing, but in designing campaigns so that they have measurable metrics built in.

For people who have, or are working on, these in-demand skills and have previously needed help finding jobs, 2014 will be sure to hold many more opportunities.

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  1. There are a lot of career scope in digital media because of social platforms. Earlier marketing was just limited to tv and newspaper but now it has more wider reach. Theses are the jobs for people who are creative and are tech savy.

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