Keeping it personal with product recommendations in post-holiday campaigns

Posted by Ross Kramer on December 23rd, 2013 at 6:41 am

Hopefully the holiday season’s been good to you and you’ll be starting off 2014 with many new customers and happy return customers. So how do you plan to make sure they stay engaged and purchasing once the spirit of the season has passed?

Don’t underestimate the power of personalized products recommendations. They can be incorporated into many of your post-holiday campaigns to enhance engagement and bump up revenue.

Shopping Cart Recovery – In addition to encouraging a cart abandoner to complete the sale, a shopping cart recovery email is the perfect place to suggest additional items based on the abandoned item and any other past shopping behavior you’ve gathered. Perhaps the shopper who abandoned a cart during the holidays was really looking for a little something for herself and may now be in the mood to complete the purchase and maybe even treat herself to something else, too.

Shipping Confirmation – There’s excitement when a shopper finds out a purchase is on its way, so why not suggest, based on what was purchased previously, what she would likely be interested in next? You’re not only delivering good news, but also continuing to engage her on a personal level after the sale.

Review Request – Post-holidays is a great time to collect reviews on your products and services that you can use in your marketing in the coming year. With a review request you’re showing you care about what your customer thinks about you and your products, and with personalized recommended product recommendations, that you’d like to continue to serve her.

Weekly Emails – Even your weekly blasts can be engaging and personalized with product recommendations. Get creative by presenting personalized suggested products, making it easier for your subscribers to find the items they would most likely be interested in. Just a few ideas for merchandising recommended products creatively include Monday Markdowns, Top Sellers Tuesday and What’s New Wednesday.

Using automation and dynamic content you can easily turn many types of email campaigns into opportunities to merchandise personalized products that will keep your customers interested and engaged, and ultimately, purchasing from you.

For examples and more information on incorporating personalized recommendations into your triggered and marketing, download the white paper, “Personalization is Key to Post-Holiday Campaigns.”

Happy holidays!

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