Improve Your E-mail Campaigns This Holiday Season!

Posted by Eugene Krall on December 16th, 2013 at 9:09 am

Have you already prepared a marketing strategy for Christmas period? Are you aware that this is a perfect time to greatly increase your sales?

We have prepared a few tips to help you boost your revenue. Seize the opportunity to build interest and excitement. See what works best:

Focus on traditions.

This holiday comes only once a year, so it’s important to make the most of this occasion. People’s thoughts inevitably turn to buying the prefect present for their nearest and dearest. Give your clients a memorable Christmas experience they will never forget and will remember for years to come by offering a wide range of products.
Be creative.

Even if subscribers don’t open your letters, they will certainly see the subject lines. Keep your reaers visually arrested. Try to use phrases like: “Secret Santa present”, “Get what you really wanted”, “Your gift cards + our clearance = goodness” or “Lightning fast delivery”, and of course don’t forget about “discount”, “freebie”, “free shipping”, or “special packaging”.  Create the subject line that begs to be read! Make sure that clients will want to read your emails.

Insert multicolored images.

You need attention grabbers. Pictures can be a powerful tool used side by side with inspirational messages.

Encourage your clients.

Provide detailed information on shipping/mailing times and deadlines, longer opening hours, extended return policies and offering more support and savings, suggest to create a wish list, send the Christmas catalog. Motivate your customers. Send them gift ideas, home decoration tips, photos of fashionable holiday outfits.

Get a social buzz.

When promoting a sale it’s a good idea to use multiple channels to get the message across. There are plenty of other channels where you can connect with your audience. Integrate your e-mails with Facebook or Pinterest. It is a perfect way to advertise your product and create the Christmas mood. Liking a page on Facebook is easier than subscribing to an email campaign. It doesn’t require too much commitment. Ensure your audience is thinking about your brand.

Go mobile!

More people check their emails on smartphones or laptops than on their computers especially when they are out doing holiday shopping. Make your campaign look great on a smaller screen!

Advertise your campaign.

To make emails personalized, create your holiday templates. This will give your emails a fresh and glamorous look, and your shoppers will definitely love it. A joke at the end can also be a nice touch.

Give sneak previews for the future.

Acquaint your customers with new products or features that you are planning for the next year. Let them be the first to know the awesome news. Everyone will benefit from that.

Give people exactly what they want.

Right offers should be sent to right people. Look through your purchase history, subscribers’ preferences and profiles, and sent offers that they will definitely use! Send something unique for each recipient. It will be far more effective and won’t be a waste of time. You sales will rise to the skies, cuz people appreciate such things!

Encourage a competition.

Who doesn’t like to win free stuff? Use this concept to focus attention on your campaign. There’re lots of ideas you can implement. Contests, puzzles, mazes, or interactive online calendars!  Add some joy with prizes to keep customers coming back!

Prizes can range from gift vouchers and packages to desirable products or something really big. Offer attractive multiple prizes so people feel they have a real chance to win something and will definitely participate.

Use these simple but powerful tips to up your game and get noticed!

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