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Beyond the SKU feed in dynamic creative for retail

Posted by Ryan Manchee on December 9th, 2013 at 1:29 pm

If you've ever seen a display ad that magically showcases an item you've recently browsed, you've seen dynamic creative XML feeds in action. Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is a virtual must for online retailers, but product targeting is just part of what DCO can offer this market. In fact, the best dynamic creative tools enable complete top-to-bottom funnel marketing within a single campaign and much more. Here are a few ways online retailers can take their DCO strategies to the next level.

Engage at every stage

New customers, returning customers to frequent buyers– DCO lets a single campaign address customers at every phase of the journey.

  • Be sure to optimize upper-funnel ads based on post-impression conversions to promote the most influential versions.
  • Consider targeting consumers who have shown interest in a category with featured products, new arrivals and bestsellers.
  • Product-level retargeting can happen at the Product Detail page and the Shopping Cart if the user abandons without making a purchase.
  • Leverage customer purchase and affinity data to cross-sell and retarget buyers with affirmations that they made the right product choice.

Utilize best practices

  • Deep-link to land the user as close as possible to the point of purchase.
  • Pick a sensible lower price threshold for retargeting. (You can always adjust it based on ROAS down the road.)
  • Add retargeting tags early to build deep retargeting pools before your campaign launches.
  • Remember that some product categories call for discretion vs. in-your-face retargeting. Few people want all their shopping habits splashed across their screen at work.

Take full advantage of your tools

  • Consider tailoring highlighted products and even branding images by geo to maintain relevance.
  • Explore rich and engaging lookbook and catalog-type dynamic ads that enable in-ad browsing. These ad experiences allow customers to get to know you without having to leave the site they’re visiting.

  • Limit how long you continue to retarget with a specific product. After a point, you can assume the customer is over that item but may still be interested in others. Use what you know and consider alternatives such as new arrivals, featured products or customer favorites from product categories that the user has expressed interest in.
  • If you have a reseller channel, use creative optimization to promote ads that drive traffic to your best-performing partners.
  • For daily deal campaigns, schedule the deal rotation ahead of time, and the campaign practically runs itself.

Dynamic creative technology is clearly a potent tool for SKU-based advertising, but don’t limit yourself to the usual product feeds when DCO can be a full-funnel, branding-to-loyalty resource for your marketing team.

This article was co-written by Ryan Manchee and Jaime Singson

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