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What “Entrepreneur of the Year” Means to Me

Posted by Dale Carr on December 5th, 2013 at 3:56 pm

Recently, I was bestowed the honor of winning the coveted EY’S (Ernest & Young) Australian Entrepreneur of the Year ™ for Technology. It was a true honor for LeadBolt and an especially significant moment for me on a personal level, which I want to explain in hopes that I can have at least one positive effect on another young up and coming entrepreneur whose goal is to be the best.

I think there have been three key cornerstones to my success: the support of my family, persistence, and authenticity. Support is crucial when you are working 24 hours a day pursing a goal. With my family behind me and keeping me focused in one direction, my energies have been concentrated and my goals exceeded at every step.

For anyone working toward a dream, I cannot emphasize enough the power of persistence. When you believe in something, you must put your whole being into it and know you can succeed, because knowledge is an entire level above belief. I’ve always known that it’s not about whether or not I fall, it’s whether or not I get back up.

Endeavor to be authentic. I got into the business because I was exceptionally passionate about technology. As someone who enjoys using mobile apps of all kinds – from banking apps to games, and everything in between – my desire to see the free app economy survive and thrive is authentic.

My hope is that my involvement in The Entrepreneur of the Year program helps inspire a new crop of entrepreneurs and innovators to bring about their vision and build great things. I am very proud of the recognition I personally have achieved, but more so cherish the pride the whole LeadBolt team has taken in being part of the success. All great leaders need a dedicated team to execute and deliver and I hope everyone who is reading my blog realizes that there is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it and continue to pursue what matters most to you.

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