5 ways your small business can benefit from a toll-free phone number

Posted by Russell Morling on December 4th, 2013 at 9:13 am

As a digital marketer, targeting is one of the core skills that I have to use on a daily basis. Whether it's targeting the correct keywords to the correct sections of a website I'm working on, or whether it's targeting PPC ads at different geographic areas, I live and die by making sure all my efforts are targeted correctly.

So how do you apply this offline? One of the ways to target your customers offline is to ensure that you have the correct telephone number and that you're tracking the effectiveness of your offline and online activity using unique, tracking phone numbers.

I recently spoke to a telephone number and call tracking provider, TTNC, about what benefit there was to having a toll-free number for your business.

There are quite a few options for a small business when it comes to getting a telephone number. One of those options is to get a virtual number, as these allow you to be more independent and give you options with where you’re receiving calls. But even with virtual numbers you’ve got quite a few options as to the type of number you could get. Here are 5 benefits of choosing an 0800 number:

1 - Customers will see you in a good light

Giving your customers the option of calling you for free sends a very clear signal - you value communication with them. The Henley Research Centre discovered that 68% of people feel that businesses that have 0800 Freephone numbers care more about their customers.

2 - Accurately measure your advertising

Diving into the world of virtual numbers you’ll find you can start to accurately measure the effectiveness of your advertising.

Using a unique 0800 number on your website, your newspaper adverts, your magazine adverts, even your business cards will divide up your calls so you can see which advert or placement is generating leads. All the calls can be forwarded to the same destination, but with the available call statistics from your inbound calls it’ll be like shining a light in the pit you’re putting your advertising budget in.

3 - Help your advertising stand out

Every business is looking to stand out from their competitors. As simple as it may seem, getting a memorable 0800 number can do that. We see it everyday on our television screens. A TV ad typically lasts about 30 seconds. In that time there’s a lot of information that needs to be put across, including giving viewers a way of responding. Memorable numbers make it so much easier.

You may not be advertising on TV, but the same principle applies to other types of advert. Trying to remember 0800 2 11 88 11 will be much easier than remembering 0800 311 8569.

Having a number that’s easy to remember will also increase the likelihood of customers calling you more than once; loyalty is something every business craves from their customers.

4 - Improve your advertising performance

Research by the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) revealed that using an 0800 number can increase response rates by up to 185%. If you know your callers mainly use landlines, removing the cost barrier will generate more calls. They’ve no reason not to call you.

5 - Help your business expand across the UK

As was mentioned at the start, virtual 0800 numbers will give you some independence. Using a virtual number service with a provider like TTNC, you can change where you’re forwarding your calls as often as you want to. This means if you change your landline number, your mobile number you simply change the forwarding destination for your calls to the new number.

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