Six Tips to Make a Great Video

Posted by Dan Nuckolls on May 21st, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Keep it Simple

A one-minute video is a recommended start, and you might find yourself liking that length, viewers do. You’ve got to keep things simple being careful not to over saturate the viewer with too much content. To retain what they are watching, people need “nuggets” if information so they can consume and think about it.

Structure the Video

The structure of your video is like a program at a play with a beginning, middle and an end. If you ramble on and leave people hanging, you’re better off not doing a video. It might make you look bad. Hire a professional copywriter that knows video. It’s worth the effort.

Develop Your Story

With every presentation, try to make it into a story. Give your information purpose for even being put into a video. People follow stories, they like to hear the conclusion, and they like to know you have things well thought out too. Stories that are communicated well can influence others. Use emotion to help stamp the video into the viewers’ mind.

Use Plain Terminology

You may be talking to people that know your industry, but some won’t or may not know what you know. Be inclusive and if you need to use an “industry term,” briefly explain it so you don’t lose anybody. Using BIG words is a great way to get people to NOT watch anymore of your video.

Make Your Video Likable

The human mind likes laughter. Things are remembered more when you are “stirred” in this way. I’m no scientist, but the brain reacts well to humor. But, BE SURE it’s funny. Bad jokes can make you look dumb and drive people away. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Have A Clear Call-To-Action

When you get to the end of your video, you have a unique opportunity. You get to instruct the viewer where they should go next or what they should do next. Flat out tell them what to do. They can:

  • Go to your site, if they are not already there
  • Share your video with others
  • Sign Up for More Informative Videos or a Newsletter
  • Download an App
  • Click a Link
  • Prank call your mother-in-law (just kidding)

Tell your viewer what you want them to do. Make it clear so they are likely to do what you ask of them.
Those are some thoughts in making a great video. But keep in mind there are always variables. That is why a professional copywriter might be needed. He/She can help you mold the “story” to include your variable and it can have a great position within your video.

By Dan Nuckolls
Creative Director at Nuxx Media

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