Sharing Your Digital Marketing Strategy With A Wider Audience

Posted by Russell Morling on March 28th, 2013 at 2:50 am

Sharing your digital strategy with a wider audienceAs a digital marketer in a vibrant digital agency, I’ve always considered one of the most important things to be the transparency and visibility of the work I’m undertaking for my clients.

I try to maintain day-to-day contact with my clients and encourage two-way interaction in terms of ideas, strategies and tactics. Keeping my clients up-to-date with the latest developments in the digital world, together with showing them what our strategies have achieved to date and how we intend to grow their businesses further, is a key part of my client relationship-building.

However, managing relationships with clients, usually marketing managers, communications managers and the like, is just part of what a good agency should be doing for its clients.

I recently wrote a post on the Coast Digital Blog, about how marketing teams can achieve greater buy-in and understanding from others within their business about what digital means to them.

If you’re a marketing manager/director within a large company and you work with a digital agency, why not get your agency to showcase your activity, results and innovations to key stakeholders within your organisation?

Giving others in your company the opportunity to ask questions, see the results for themselves and understand why digital is important can benefit you as a marketer by inspiring your business to take an active role in your marketing plans and to see exactly what it means to them.

If you’re one of the many marketers that have difficulties in answering the question ‘what does this all mean to me?’, then why not take a look at my 3 valuable tips that will help change the perception of digital marketing within your business and have a clearer understanding of why your digital strategy is important to the business as a whole.

I’d appreciate your feedback on my post and any other ideas you may have on how to convince non-marketers that digital is important to them.

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  1. Ignacio del Villar says:

    Being able to let others understand the neccesity of digital marketing makes any team of workers more effective and shows the importance of digital in the marketing process.

    Like the blog.

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