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Should Internet Access be a Public Utility?

Posted by Gerad Hoyt on January 30th, 2013 at 1:37 pm

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We live in a country that generates the second largest amount of web traffic in the entire world, yet a startling 100 million people in this country, or one-third of the population, do not have broadband Internet access. This compares poorly with countries like South Korea, where 94% of residents have high speed Internet, and yet only 70% of Americans have it. How is it that the United States government is not recognizing the importance of the Internet to communications by making it as accessible as a public utility?
The US is lagging behind in three important areas:

Providing high speed Internet access to rural areas
Providing affordable high speed Internet, so even those with a low income have access
Providing speeds that meet the needs of today’s Internet users.

The Reasons for Limited Access
Despite the fact that the United States was the country to introduce the Internet to the world, it has not kept up with providing adequate access to the masses. Part of the problem lies in the geography of this country. Running wires to provide high speed Internet access in every part of this huge country is a very pricey endeavor. However, this is only the tip... Read more

Interesting Apps Around Email

Posted by Geetanjali Dighe on January 30th, 2013 at 12:27 pm

$25 Mill Funds for Email Apps In 2011
Did you know that applications around email got $25 Million funding in 2011 alone?
A year ago I mentioned some interesting apps like Yesware,, Spanning, Perkville, AwayFind, ShortMail, FanBridge, ActivePath, Rapportive, CloudMagic and LiveIntent.
There were quite a few interesting apps that made news in 2012 too. Here is a quick look at them:
Interesting Apps Around Email in 2012
Is there a place for a revolutionary email client? You bet there is. That is what Inky Mail plans to do. It has a set of features that make reading and managing all your emails from various mailboxes super easy.
We love email so much that our kids also must learn to manage their inbox, right? Enter Maily - first email app for kids. It's cute actually. I went all “awww”, but then I am an email marketer.
ActiveMail from ActivePath allows you to instantly watch and share videos, slides and albums from a growing list of content sources, and post and comment to Facebook and Twitter – all right from your inbox. PowerInbox was another such application that allowed you to post comments on facebook and tweet right from the email inbox.
In November ActiveMail and PowerInbox... Read more

Facebook & Interactive Images

Posted by Tom Edwards on January 30th, 2013 at 9:45 am

I have been following Stipple for a while now and with today's big announcement tied to Facebook support launched the platform to the forefront of my mind to support social content & publishing strategies. What is Stipple? If you have not heard about the service, Stipple allows you to embed interactive hotspots into an image to create additional connections directly within the image. Today's announcement is key for those who manage owned properties as now Stipple supports direct publishing support via Facebook a feature that has been missing to date.
Now it is possible to add a data driven overlay to an image that can create connections directly from the newsfeed that allow users to take action. Whether it is to drive to a branded destination such as the brands Facebook brand page or .com, create a quick path to purchase opportunity by linking the image to an e-commerce based product, embed a link to videos that relate to the image, or create additional connections as outlined below.

Today's announcement is a huge addition for those of us who manage Facebook brand properties. Combine this with my recent discussions associated with visual storytelling to drive engagement and you can create a rich... Read more

Don't have $4 Million? You Can Still Leverage the Big Game

Posted by Neil Mody on January 30th, 2013 at 9:30 am

It's Super Bowl season and we've all heard the going television ad rate - a cool $4 mil a pop. That's great for CBS, but what can a brand do in a more cost effective way via digital platforms if they can't pony up the budget? Fortunately, there are ways to take advantage of big media events like the Super Bowl to help market your brand from a pure digital play.
1)   Market your content
Content marketing is a great cost-effective tool. Snack food is one of the staples of a successful Super Bowl party, and a content campaign is a great way to stay top of mind before consumers hit the grocery store. Costs for most content marketing platforms start around 10 cents a click, a bit of a difference from the $133,000 a second for the big game.
2)   Buy up some keywords
If you are embarking on a marketing campaign based around the Superbowl, a paid-search campaign can help get your brand in the mix. Typical keyword rates range from only a few pennies to several dollars - not a bad investment if you know what keywords to buy.  Pick basic keywords like "NFL" or "Super Bowl" for the weeks leading up... Read more

Publishers vs. Platforms

Posted by Atul Patel on January 30th, 2013 at 6:30 am

It’s important to understand the difference between publishers and platforms when so many companies are now serving both roles. At OneScreen, we define a publisher as a company that makes its licensed or produced content directly available to its audience through its own channels, sites, and applications. A platform, on the other hand, enables a variety of different publishers to distribute their content (or their licensed content) through an “app store,” such as Apple’s App Store and Google Play.