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Voices of Change: Key Reflections from 2013's Mobile Women to Watch

Posted by Marla Schimke on January 29th, 2013 at 10:26 am

Mobile is quickly redefining how we interact with brands on a daily basis. Media companies report that visits from mobile phones and tablets have more than doubled in the last 12 months and now compose 20 to 30 percent of overall traffic across the Internet. According to the IAB, in 2010 mobile only accounted for 2.1 percent of Internet advertising spend but worldwide mobile ad spend is projected to rise to $36.87 billion in 2016 according to eMarketer. One macro-trend coming out of the industry is how mobile is still a relatively uncharted realm for advertisers, and those brands who find the right mix of ad relevance and experience will be the victors.

I feel that as an industry, we are just now diving deep into the real potential of mobile advertising. We must think about the possibilities beyond mobile banners to help brands and publishers alike enable native experiences that are truly optimized on mobile devices.  Our goal at Zumobi is to captivate consumers with brand integrated experiences on mobile as it has become the screen of choice in 2013 and beyond.

As mobile advertising continues to ascend to new heights, industry thought leaders are paving the way for the development of mobile as the de facto platform. Mobile Marketer just published their report honoring the top Mobile Women to Watch for 2013 where I’m honored to be recognized amongst some of the true visionaries in the mobile industry. The 25 women on this list represent marketers, retailers and brands such as Sephora, Rovio Entertainment, Coca-Cola, and Google. Also on the list are executives from agencies, market research firms and consulting groups, all working to evangelize mobile as the primary platform of choice. To us, mobile is a way of life and not simply a technology or marketing channel.

Upon reflection of receiving this award, here are some highlights from my industry colleagues that I found particularly engaging and inspiring:

"My biggest challenge is one of the things that I also love about mobile – it moves so fast. It is critical for me to spend time talking to Sephora customers and employees, researching trends and technology capabilities and then trying to make the best bets on what to do next. This is still the Wild West of mobile commerce. There are big unknowns that we retailers, consumers and mobile developers are all going to figure out together: mobile Web versus apps, mobile and cloud-based payments, device form factors and usage scenarios and showrooming versus mobile as a loyalty-driver in stores."

- Johnna Marcus, Director for Mobile and Digital Store Marketing, Sephora

"The mobile space is exciting, dynamic and critical to the future of marketing as whole. I am thrilled to see lots of young women and men getting involved in mobile marketing. The challenge is retaining and advancing women to leadership positions. There are lots of ways to do this. One that is very important to me is to “lift as you climb.” This is about helping other women and creating stronger networks. I have had amazing mentors throughout my career and believe that it is critical to pay it forward."

- Jesse Haines, Global Head of Mobile Ads Marketing, Google

"The most intriguing part of the emerging mobile marketplace is trying to understand how consumer behavior will change. How consumers use mobile has fundamentally changed entire organizations and mandates us to reimagine value propositions, business models and products. And it keeps evolving, making it a very exciting time to be at the forefront of mobile."

- Sharon Knitter, Senior Director of Mobile,

"We need to be talking about mobile technology in the classroom both at the university level and at the MBA level. Your profiling of women in mobility will also attract women to the field by highlighting successes and opportunities in this important technology growth field."

- Lisa Mitnick, Managing Director, Accenture Mobility

We at Zumobi have been creating rich-media experiences for both brands and publishers for years, and look forward to leading the way for the next generation of mobile ads along size these amazing contributors.

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