The Psychology of Color In Logo Designs

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The first impression of a company is often delivered by it's logo. The image emodying an organization has to be perfect, it's difficult to master the perfect logo, but it's well worth the time.

Logos can be made interesting. For example, the BMW logo shows a propeller of a plane in motion against the blue sky. This is because BMW used to build engines for German planes. The color scheme of logo is also derived from the flag of the state of "Bavaria" in Germany, where BMW is headquartered.

Color is very important to brand recognition. Scientists and researchers believe certain colors make us feel a certain way about something like this infographic by The Logo Company suggests.

Red : Excitement, Youthful and Bold.
Green : Peaceful, Growth and Health. ( even eco-friendly)
Blue : Trust, Dependable and Strength.
Orange : Friendly, cheerful and confidence.
Black and White : Balanced, Netural and calm.

Companies like Microsoft, Ebay and Google have diverse logo color schemes. They are found to have a blended mixture of all above qualities. (Not that others are not, but that's just an observation).

Make smart decisions while choosing your company's logo color scheme. You should have interesting story to tell when your brand grows big and people ask you about "logo inspiration".
Color Emotion Guide22 Psychology Of Color In Logo Design

An infographic by the team at The Logo Company [1]

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