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Ten Ways Google Keeps Track of Your Site’s Link building

Posted by Drew Hendricks on January 14th, 2013 at 3:41 pm

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), link building is key that unlocks the door to a higher page rank, and much of the success of a SEO company rests on their ability to build links that are both relevant and timely. Google tracks a site’s link building and from there, assigns each web page a PageRank. Here are ten ways Google looks at your site’s link building to rank where your site appears in Google’s organic ranking.

1      Links

This is about link building, and it all starts with the originating website. Good linking should include static links to quality content, and should be updated as necessary, culling out low page ranked pages and pages that are no longer working. Make sure to keep the amount of links reasonable.

2      Sitemaps

Site maps should be clean and show a clear hierarchy, and for the best coverage, should be submitted to Google’s webmaster tools. A easy to use site map allows Google to properly cover your website.

3      Content

Content is king when it comes to link building, as it creates more relevant webpages. Think about words that you feel searchers would be looking for, and include those words in your page’s text. Instead of linking images, link text. It’s easier for Google to spider.

4      Use Robots.txt and HTTP tags

Google crawls pages indiscriminately, based on HTTP headers and the robots.txt page. One common HTTP header is the “If modified then” which tells a spider to crawl your page if it has been modified since its last crawl. The robots.txt page will tell the Google spider which page to index and which page not to bother with.

5      Be Smart with your CMS

Not all CMS products are created equal. Page Ranking makes it worthwhile to make sure that if a CMS is employed that it knows (and follows!) the rules of Google indexing and makes it easier for pages to spider. Use the robots.txt to avoid any automatically generated pages, like search results for your site.

6      Test Your Website

Check the website out in a text browser like Linx to make sure that the website can be properly indexed, and then check it in various browsers to make sure that it looks the way you want it. This will not only make sure your site is favored by Google and other SEO crawlers, but will make sure it is favored by anyone who is viewing it. Remember that mobile browser use is on the rise.

7      Keep Users in Mind

Good SEO habits start by keeping users in mind, not bots, spiders, or Google. If you always write quality content that is accessible to all users, your site will do well globally. Check to make sure there are no broken links, and that title elements are accurate.

8      Load Times

Load times are critical for both users and Google spiders, both of whom are very busy. If it takes too long for a page to load, both spiders and users will abandon the page without a second thought. This feeds back into keeping users in mind, but is an important guidepost in its own right.

9      Avoid Bad SEO Practices

Organic pages make for great organic search results. Ensure that part of your site’s SEO plan does not include link farming, invisible links, doorway pages, or scraping content. Google’s link back strategy is very thorough and not only will it not pay attention to these tricks, it can cause your page to go lower in ranking.

10   Mind your Business

Your website is a reflection of you, regardless of where the content is generated. Monitor for and remove spam and malicious content from your site quickly, keep an eye on user forums, and eject people who write inflammatory content on your site immediately.

Google monitors all of these things and indexes pages constantly, and your SEO program should monitor these things constantly. If this seems like a lot to contend with, then look for an SEO company in your area. Web site owners in the Pacific Northwest, for example,  can get their Seattle SEO program started by consulting someone immediately. They will get your site quickly indexed and can advise you on what will help you achieve the ranking you deserve.

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