The Best Ways to Take Advantage of Video Marketing

Posted by Drew Hendricks on January 11th, 2013 at 9:44 am

The internet is a great tool for businesses and individuals to get themselves out there, but is also creates a lot of competition and an audience that only gives content a very short amount of time to get their attention. With the right marketing, though, a company can use the internet to build a larger client base, expand their business, and outshine their competitors. One of the most effective tools for getting a customer’s attention online is a high quality promotional video about a business, person, or product.

How to Draw in More Customers with Video Marketing

It’s been proven that video marketing has a big impact on consumers. 52% of people use videos to help them make purchasing decisions and products are more likely to sell online if they have a demonstrative video included in their description. Businesses that are looking for a surefire way to increase sales can invest in making interesting videos to accompany their products. Having a video will get more people talking about a product or business and gain more attention.

Social video marketing and viral marketing are a big part of creating successful promotional videos. This encompasses all of the sharing and conversing on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Simply posting videos and leaving them there won’t guarantee views. A video needs to be promoted itself, and response to the video needs to be responded to. Social media sites are the best way to create brand awareness and to get people talking about a company-- especially when a business has interesting and well produced content that will grab people’s attention.

Getting Started

Creating a promotional video, and integrating video marketing and social media into the marketing plan, can be a daunting task in the beginning. To be sure not to waste time and resources, a business should consider using a company like Broadcast2World to help them produce their promotional videos and broadcast them to the right audience. Without the right leadership in video production (and without a concept, script, storyboard, and production gear), the end product can easily fall apart. Turning to an expert in promotional video production is the first step to having a successful online marketing campaign.

Once a video is made, it’s important to promote it and get people watching it. This includes uploading it to a video sharing site like Youtube and then posting the video on the business’ website, newsletter, social media accounts, and other relevant places online. The most successful videos will be shared on social networking sites and create a buzz. Part of getting people to talk about a video, or any content that’s put out on the web, is to respond to comments and feedback. An interactive business is more likely to have loyal customers than one that has minimal online presence.

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