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Admit It, You Don't Read the Article Links You Share

Posted by Tara Meehan on January 10th, 2013 at 7:55 pm

You have a content sharing strategy in place. You love, love, love reviewing your monthly metrics to see who is sharing your awesome stuff, commenting on your social networks, and clicking on your links. Seeing the fruits of your labor can be a real kick in the head, especially when it's going according to your results-driving plan. But are you really, truly putting the work in? Fess up. How many of those links that you are tweeting, posting on Facebook or Google+, or sharing on LinkedIn have you actually bothered to read or watch? Sure, you can get away with the cliff notes version of a relationship building plan every now and then. We're all guilty of it. But if sharing links for the sake of sharing links is the whole of your approach, your approach has a ton of holes.

To be honest, this is the reason why so many people doubt the authenticity and overall importance of social media metrics for determining ROI. But folks who are addicted to blindly sharing links have no one to blame but themselves if they aren't experiencing their desired returns. They call it ROI for a reason. What exactly are you investing in or invested in if you're just surfing the web for "interesting" articles to share with your networks?

In marketing, social or otherwise, managing expectations is of paramount importance. But the key is to have expectations. No, I stand corrected. The key is to earn those expectations. Social content sharing has been morphing toward becoming nothing more than a cool kids club, where so-called influencers and "evangelists" expect followers to flock to them just because, well, just because. Fortunately, real social influencers understand that the tactic of link sharing should never supersede the strategy of value sharing.

In recent months, I've become something of a statistic sharer. Like Shakira's hips, stats don't lie. They provide impactful, non-biased data that can be effectively leveraged by consumers and clients. No, they won't give you lovely link clicking increases month over month but they just might establish, build, and solidify your social street cred. After all, a strong sharing strategy has its roots in trust building. By providing well researched (yes there is work involved) and informed data without an obvious agenda, you are doing your followers a service. By offering up more than a hyperlink with a catchy title, you are providing value. You are sharing and caring.

2 Responses to “Admit It, You Don't Read the Article Links You Share”

  1. "But folks who are addicted to blindly sharing links have no one to blame but themselves if they aren't experiencing their desired returns. "

    Agreed. You have to hold yourself responsible for the kind of content you share, not just what you create. Are you sharing something that actually makes life better for your social network or are you just adding to the noise?

    • Tara Meehan says:

      Thanks Nick. You can always be counted on for an insightful reply. I honestly feel the blind share is something folks think they can get away with because there is this perception that social media is nothing more than social noise. But we know better! :)

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