5 Revolutionary Apps Your Business Should Utilize in 2013

Posted by Drew Hendricks on January 7th, 2013 at 1:01 pm

With 2013 just around the corner, New Years resolutions are in full swing. While some groan at the thought of yet another promise sure to go bad, others grab at the opportunity to better themselves and their business.

Look no further in search of what resolution you will make this coming year, as there are several free applications ready and waiting to help you make good on better customer service and organization this time around.

From budgeting to discounting and everything in between, a compilation of the top five apps you need for 2013 is sure to help you start 2013 on the right foot!


OrderAhead provides convenience for tech-savvy customers seeking a quick and simple way to do just that - order ahead of time.

With just one touch, the application opens up nearby places with restaurant addresses, menus and maps allowing the customer to connect with ease. The possibilities are endless for those who choose to put their businesses up on this platform, as the sheer convenience alone could make such an impact on consumers that they will become regulars in no time.

Ideal for restaurateurs looking to pummel the competition in 2013, OrderAhead will help shape customer service in a way that has never been done before.


Whether shopping at the mall or grabbing a bite to eat, American consumers love nothing more than a good deal for quality merchandise or consumables.

shopkick aims to bring customers back to places they have visited by allowing them to collect “kicks”, or points towards discounts and gift cards - a move that has businesses vying to become present on such an innovative app.

shopkick begins to store “kicks” on a cellular device once a customer visits specific stores. The app itself will point out nearby locations where consumers can garner more kicks, eventually leaving the shopper or diner in question with discounted items or virtual gift cards.

Shopping has truly never been easier with this application in tow, and if the customer is aware that they could potentially save money while visiting your business repeatedly, it would become difficult to justify going anywhere else!


As many businesses in the 21st century continue to evolve on the move, handling payments has become more of a hassle. However, mobile business owners need not look any further for a simple and inexpensive solution to such an inconvenience!

PayAnywhere is available for free download, and once you begin accepting payments through the easy-to-use card reader, your business will never look back to stationary equipment. Payment by credit card or cash is easy and fast with this app and PayAnywhere can even connect to a cash drawer and printer for all transactions.

Through the use of PayAnywhere, your business is sure to see a positive customer reaction that will make you proud to have kept this year's resolution.


Upon opening up the free LearnVest app, business owners will be able to lay out exactly where company funds have been spent, saved or otherwise.

The app boasts, “We’ll track and categorize every penny so you know exactly where you’re spending and how you should budget your life.” While useful for individual accounts, this safe and secure app can also be utilized with company credit cards as well, making sure that each transaction is organized and easy to view.

Nothing is more important than knowing your funds are safe when owning a business of any sort, and LearnVest melts that stress away. Why not start 2013 off by protecting your company and those you employ by keeping track of what’s important?


For business owners always on the go, keeping documents, expense reports and travel days in check can be quite overwhelming at times. Enter the new best friend, Concur.

Concur is an application that not only takes note of every credit card transaction while traveling, but captures receipts and data to eliminate scanning and retyping. Concur creates and maintains expense reports while reminding the traveler of their schedule with an up-to-date itinerary.

Shouldn’t 2013 be a year for simplicity in your busy work life? Downloading and signing your business on with Concur will toggle the swiftness with which you handle your traveling expenses and schedule, allowing your trip to be about nothing else but enhancing your career.

With so many incredible apps available at our fingertips, 2013 will likely bring about even more innovative and mind-boggling tools for the American business owner to use. The five aforementioned apps are sure to give your company a jump-start on the competition in the new year, and that is a resolution many will find worth keeping.

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