5 Apps That Help Keep Track of After-Christmas Sales

Posted By Drew Hendricks On December 30, 2012 @ 11:27 AM In Websites | No Comments

Sale Locator

Not sure what stores to visit first? Sale Locator makes that easy by showing shoppers the nearest stores that are offering sales. The app is able to do this by tracking the shoppers GPS location. Using this information, Sale Locator scans all stores within 20 to 30 miles. It then displays those which are having sales on the screen. Even better, the app updates in real time so shoppers will never miss a bargain.


The main appeal to this app is that it updates in real-time while neatly organizing everything into categorized folders. Similar to Sale Locator, iSlick will display sales, freebies, and coupons that are available at nearby store locations and online. Users of the app are also able to vote up good deals and vote down bad ones. This means that the most popular sales will be displayed on the front page while the least popular will be hidden from view.

Coupon Sherpa

Most stores discount their products heavily around and after the holidays, but that doesn't mean the savings have to stop there. With Coupon Sherpa, the app will alert shoppers of coupons that can be added to purchases. For example, if users are shopping at Kohls, the clothing may already be 50 percent off. By using Coupon Sherpa, however, shoppers may find a Kohls coupon code that adds an additional ten percent off purchases. Best of all, while most of the coupons found on this app can be printed, that's not required. The majority can be displayed on screen, complete with a scannable barcode. This means that all shoppers have to do is show the cashier their cell phone and rake in the savings.


This app saves the day for those who really wanted something for Christmas but didn't receive it. Whether the item in question is a video game or clothing item, iWant allows shoppers to search for just about anything. The app then displays the nearest location where the item can be found. This helps shoppers save money on gas while also not wasting time visiting a store where the item in question is already sold out.

RedLaser Barcode Scanner

For those who have a device that is capable of barcode scanning, this application can easily save shoppers hundreds. To use, simply locate the barcode of the item in question and snap a picture. The app then scans for online and local deals to see if another nearby location has the same item for a cheaper price. If they do, shoppers will be alerted. They can then decide if they'd rather order online, drive to another location, or purchase the item from the current store. Since nearly all stores heavily discount their products after the holidays, RedLaser is perfect for after-Christmas sales.

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