How to take advantage of the New Google Communities

Posted by Tony Evans on December 19th, 2012 at 9:32 am

Google-CommunitiesGoogle is continuously offering new things to its netizens. It’s one of the things that great companies do, they constantly innovate and come up with new products that people are excited about. This time around, Google launched Google Communities in Google Plus (Google+). The question now is how you will take advantage of Google Communities for your personal and business use.

1. Create a community based on your interest. Google communities are similar to Facebook groups in a way that you can create a community and invite people to join you there. If you’re a baker by heart and you love anything and everything related to baking then start a community about it. Start by inviting your friends and family who love baking. If you’re new to Google Communities it would be better to start with a private community as you try to learn the ropes of this new feature.

2. Join a public community. Your interests can be found in other Google Communities as well. Simply search for your category of interest. For example, look for communities that love books as much as you do. From there, you can join and meet lots of people who will offer insights on the books you love! You can add or invite your other book lover friends to that community, too! You can even get updates through the mobile app of Google+ so you can easily know what your members are up to!

3. Share noteworthy content. Now that you belong to communities that are related to your interests, make sure you post relevant content. Each photo, video, or any other content should be interesting to the members of your community. Do not post advertisements or anything that can be detected as a spam. Remember that you’re in a mutually beneficial community so it’s important that they’ll be able to get something valuable from you.

Google community4. Be an interactive community member. Communication within communities is two-way. You can’t simply post content without commenting on other people’s posts or joining discussions. Show your appreciation about the content of other members. Share them, too! You can also organize events for your community members to make your group more exciting. The great thing about Google Communities is that it is linked to other Google applications such as YouTube and Google Maps. This opens avenues for you to share content to a bigger community other than yours.

5. Link your blog. After you have established your presence in your particular community, you can start posting links from your blog about content related to your community. You have to create a variety in your posts. Do not oversell your blog. If you have good content, it will thrive on its own. Have a strategy by alternating your posts. Meaning if you post a photo to your community today, you can post a link to your blog tomorrow. You can also post teasers about your new blog content to pique their interest.

Google Communities is something new to the world social networking. It serves the universal purpose of connecting people together but this time through their interests. It’s worth getting into but it takes patience and focus to build and establish your communities. Make your content and discussions lively and interesting all the time to sustain member involvement. Google Communities can surpass Facebook groups in the long run if it continues to gain users. Meanwhile, it is a feature that people are trying to explore and there’s no harm in giving it a try. Who knows, it just might work for you!

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  1. paola says:

    You know, I don't feel it like a Facebook group, they're somewhat abandoned. These Google communities are full of people that are there because they want to and are excited. I used to feel alone there but not anymore! I already deleted my Facebook account and I'm happy, Facebook is full of immature kids anyway, Google plus is more interesting and useful.

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