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Top 10 Brand Viral Videos 2012 (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on December 5th, 2012 at 4:39 pm
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Which brands scored big in branded viral videos this year?

On the heels of our Top 10s in Augmented Reality, 3D Projection, Mobile Marketing, Digital Outdoor and Social Media, we've put together our list for this catagory - and once again flirt with controversy for leaving out a certain elephant in the room.

That elephant: Kony 2012. With 96.4 million views, it is by far the most viral video of the year, if not ever. But we aren't covering cause related virals here. This list is strictly brand territory. And on that front, while many of our picks were indeed viral sensations, we're not choosing them based on views. Rather, it's a list of our favorites here at GEN WOW.

Hey, it's a personal thing. Let us know if you agree, or if not, what virals would make your list.

10. Procter & Gamble: Thank You Momma - The Best Job in the World

Being a mom is an Olympian task, after all. Gets you right there.

9. Red Bull: Fearless Felix Baumgartner - 'Stratos'

The pre-roll to the stunt of the year - and the second only to Kony for fastest video to reach 50 million views.

8. DC Shoes: Gymkhana - San Francisco

Anyone who's ever driven these streets would love to live this ride.

7. Irish Eyes Are (Really) Smiling to Promote St. Patrick's Day Parade

Creepy. Cool.

6. TNT Pulls Off Dynamite Street Promo

A total blast.

5. Chevrolet: OK Go

A little driving music.

4. Fake TED Talk from 2023 Part of Transmedia Campaign for

Hey, it was better than the movie.

3. Red Bull Kluge: The Athlete Machine

Rube Goldberg done right.

2. Shafted: Elevator Riders Get Big Surprise from LG

Call it Schadenfreude in the
elevator shaft.

2. The Bark Side: Volkswagen Game Day Teaser

Doesn't bite.

1. Dollar Shave Club: “F***ing Great”

Straight from the WTF Dept (see video at top).

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