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Which Cocktail Represents YOUR Company?

Posted by Meghan Bender on December 31st, 2012 at 1:22 pm

As you're partaking in some holiday cocktails this evening, you may find your self thinking, "What should I have to drink?" Music lovers and fans of may go to their site, input the music they are listening to, and get a suggestion. Well, say you live in Silicon Valley, or anywhere else that you can live and breathe technology. Have you ever thought, "I wonder what drink would be most representative of my favorite website?" In honor of the holiday weekend and ringing in he new year in style, we decided to explore what drinks represent different tech companies. It’s a fun game, and naturally it’s a bit snarky, so no need to take it personally if you work at say, Zynga...

Let us know what you think about the below and please add your own ideas in the comments section. Have a better drink suggestion for a company we already named? Let us know! You can play this game with anything, not just tech companies; but sports teams, people, etc.
Without further adieu...
1. Google : Jello Shots
Big with the college crowd, you’re not likely to see your grandma throwing ‘em back. While the core idea is simple, all of a sudden... Read more

Importance of Market Share, Holiday Winners: ATT, Walmart, Kohl's

Posted by David Shim on December 31st, 2012 at 10:49 am

Market share is a largely ignored performance metric for retailers, not because it isn’t valuable, but because it isn’t accessible.  Typically market share metrics are sourced from quarterly reports where data is stale, limiting actionability.
The ability to measure market share in real-time will disrupt the way retailers determine the success of the marketing efforts.  Today, retailers measure performance in various ways including return on ad spend (direct response), and in-store sales (branding, promotional).  By measuring market share, retailers are able to take a macro view on their marketing efforts that expands beyond their brick and mortar walls.
Quantifying performance by market share allows retailers to look at the entire retail ecosystem, versus a siloed approach to marketing.  By using market share as a key metric it allows retailers to optimize to gain share of wallet.  Understanding market share allows marketers to build campaigns to capture the $1.44 spent at competitors for every $1 spent with them.
Placed recently released their 2012 Holiday Retail Insights providing a first glimpse into retail market share, which includes surprising volatility.
Wireless Carrier Retail Stores - Market Share

Verizon and AT&T wrestled for the top position in terms of wireless carrier store visits in the last six weeks of the holiday shopping... Read more

What the Thriving Trucking Industry Could Teach Others

Posted by Drew Hendricks on December 30th, 2012 at 12:47 pm

What can you learn by sifting through the Trucker Classifieds? Besides finding an incredible amount of job openings, you'll also learn that trucking is a very noble profession. Truckers do work hard. The average person may not understand why trucking is hard work, but people who work in the industry are real professionals who take their work seriously. They must always meet deadlines on time, because the prosperity of their business depends on it. They are self-motivated, because they don't work with a boss directly over their shoulders at all times. Trucking is a great American profession with many lessons to teach others.
People must learn the value of hard work and how it can pay dividends. Truckers embody the American Dream as much as any other class of workers. They sacrifice plenty of time away from their family in order to do a good job. They do get paid a handsome salary, but they must fulfill their duty each and every week to get that salary. Trucking symbolizes the idea that hard work leads to prosperous life for all. If you're a young person looking for professionals to model yourself after, look no further than the illustrious trucking industry.
Trucking is... Read more

5 Apps That Help Keep Track of After-Christmas Sales

Posted by Drew Hendricks on December 30th, 2012 at 11:27 am

Sale Locator
Not sure what stores to visit first? Sale Locator makes that easy by showing shoppers the nearest stores that are offering sales. The app is able to do this by tracking the shoppers GPS location. Using this information, Sale Locator scans all stores within 20 to 30 miles. It then displays those which are having sales on the screen. Even better, the app updates in real time so shoppers will never miss a bargain.
The main appeal to this app is that it updates in real-time while neatly organizing everything into categorized folders. Similar to Sale Locator, iSlick will display sales, freebies, and coupons that are available at nearby store locations and online. Users of the app are also able to vote up good deals and vote down bad ones. This means that the most popular sales will be displayed on the front page while the least popular will be hidden from view.
Coupon Sherpa
Most stores discount their products heavily around and after the holidays, but that doesn't mean the savings have to stop there. With Coupon Sherpa, the app will alert shoppers of coupons that can be added to purchases. For example, if users are shopping at Kohls, the clothing... Read more

How to Turn a Trucker's Salary into a Million Dollars

Posted by Drew Hendricks on December 30th, 2012 at 8:34 am

Making money as a trucker can be difficult at times. Long hauls across the country, poor driving conditions and the cost of diesel all make for a hard life on the road. While making a million dollars as a trucker may seem like a large stretch of the imagination, this type of salary is possible to achieve.
Trucker Classifieds
Advertising for loads is a great way to get more business. Truckers can post their advertisements on specialty transportation websites, in local newspapers and more.
When placing your ad, be careful not to put a high price on your transportation services. Many companies and individuals look for truckers to take their goods across the country and times are tough right now. You may need to go for more quantity than quality.
Bidding Websites
Bidding for transportation jobs online is a great way to earn some extra cash as a truck driver and many do this as a full time job.
On a daily basis, browse some of the specialty websites that allow companies and individuals to post transportation jobs for truckers to bid on. Locate a job that you think you can complete and place your bid.
Be careful on how you bid though; if you win a... Read more